The BEST and Most Efficient Way to Farm Rares

OK so I, like many others here, have spent countless hours on the roads north of Orlen and Agramis in search of those elusive Starters and Hatchlings. My frustration of wasting entire days with nothing to show was compounded by the extreme irritation of how unreliable attempting to escape each battle was, or how long it took to get through various menus if I just decided to KO the foes (3 XP YAY!).


First, you must catch a Metallo (those shiny silver ditto-esque blobs) in the Ziggurat in the desert. Evolve it into a Metallodious (you’re gonna want another unevolved Metallo for the Barricadus recipe later), and it learns the ability Escape. This is instantaneous and 100% effective, and if you send it out with two lower level or very slow starters, and gets the first move every time. 

I managed to cut my farm times down by at least half, probably 2/3. It’s so much quicker that immediately after I adopted this method, I caught 2 hatchlings and 2 starters in the span of literally 20-30 minutes (I was so excited haha). Now all I have left is a Snorkling, but with this method, it’ll soon be mine!

Hope this helps, and makes farming a little less frustrating for all! 

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One flaw: You’re gonna have to sacrifice some hours for that metallodious.

But practically a nice long term investment, yes. ;> Thanks for sharing!

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Nice ! 

It will cut some time down !

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Haha true, Metallo took me maybe 30 minutes to catch the first time and like an hour the second. But I assume people going after the starters/hatchlings are completionists so they’ll want Metallo/Metallodious anyways!

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Pretty awesome that you figured that out man!  I shall start using this trick on my new saves!!! :smiley:

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I just did it, definitly worth the time investment. Got a brakie pretty fast.

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Heck yea, good to hear! I finally picked up that gosh darn Snorkling this morning, now I’ve got my Tremorback and Dreadwolf wooo!

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Works like A charm took me 10 min to get the snorkling :slight_smile:

Found a leafy and bluet in an hour :slight_smile: works great

Awesome method ill try it out thanks.

Edit:Im a little confused on escape ability and your method.

Also wheres the Ziggurat

Escape is a move, and as far as I know only Metallodious is the only one that knows it. Sounds like you don’t have a Metallo yet, so that’s what you gotta get first.

The Ziggurat is in the desert in the very far southwest. It looks like a scaled temple/pyramid

ok thanks found iti

However, you don’t get the silver you would get from winning the fights :slight_smile:

Very efficient way of farming, I can live without the extra silver. :slight_smile:

is Metallo found anywhere in the zig?

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So I send metallodious out with lower level monsters? Does the lower level monster have to be starters? Or just any monster I want

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I like that extra silver, it buys me level boosters. I’m an impatient person!

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Ha ~100 silver a match is a pretty negligible amount imo

Just any monsters that are slower or much lower leveled!

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i just defeat the monsters haha, probably takes like 3 seconds more.

Figured I should pin this. Apparently it has gotten very popular, and a lot of people have been asking for it anyways. It’ll make it easier for them to find. Good job reedobandito!

@xMiraclesx; I thought this was a method for the people who don’t have powerful AoEs. It sounds like it does cut farming time in half, though I unfortunately haven’t tried it yet.

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