Escaping while farming

Hi! I’ve been farming for a starter/hatchling for an hour and after about a thousand tries I haven’t seen one yet… I know the spawn rate should be 1/200 so it seems strange (I’m tapping two north of Orlen).

My strategy is to keep a high level metallodius first, so I can easily escape if no hatchling has spawned (i.e. I tap for battle, escape, tap for battle, escape,etc.) does escaping instead of fighting affect the spawn rates somehow?? There must be something wrong of this sort…

Cheers and thanks in advance

As far as I know, It does not affect the spawn rates, nor should it. I have farmed with the metallodious method for upwards of 40 hours for all sorts of arkadions(Including starters/wyrms). I have gotten some also without Metallodius. It just takes a crapload of patience. Put some music on and just go with it. :slight_smile:

Thats what I mean! If you use that method then you should be easily doing 10 battles per minute and therefore 600 battles per hour. If it takes everybody several hours to farm a hatchling then the spawn rate can’t possibly be 0.5%!! Anyways I’ll follow your advice and thanks for the quick reply! :wink:

it might be hard luck your getting don’t worry you will find 1 eventually :slight_smile:

Use a metallodius to escape and its 1/2000 not 1/200

Guaranteed is 1 for every 2000 battles. The ingrained code makes that happen. The actual chance are 1/200. But people with really bad luck have hit 2k before.

I had to hit 2k before I got a leafy hahaha but it was worth it 

Is this number cumalative per sitting? Or do you have to do 2000 at one time, say before going back to town,?

Im not sure. I presume it would probably be cumulative, the amount of time needed to do 2000 battles is overwhelming. The way the game is coded gives you the .5% mob at 2000 battles. I have not had this happen before, since i found them before then, but all logic points toward it being cumulative.

The 0.5% spawn rate is not cumulative, that’s why it’s not guaranteed you’ll get a hatchling after 200 battles. But the 2000 counter is, indeed, cumulative, and it resets every time you get a hatchling. But I don’t know if the metallodious trick affects this counter.