4 hatchlings

ive recently started the game and i love it and i was told by a friend (chiefswill) about 4 hatchling arks,

ive found 3 of the 4, leafy, ashie and the wind one those 3 took me just over an hour to find

but now ive bin trying to find the 4th and final hatchling the water one!!! ive bin trying to find this ark for nearly 10hours!!! its to the point now where i just wanna give up any advise or tips would be much apreciated!!

ELL!!!  Nice to see you in here  :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m having same issue with one of the starters, but from what i’ve read. it just takes time + a lil luck. i got lucky with the hatchlings as i got 9 in 6 hrs but starters? only 1 in 7 hrs. luck of the draw man

Wow 1 hour for 3 is EXTREMELY lucky and dont worry its not a problem sometimes there just that rare so i recommend using mettalo method and taking breaks every once in a while as it is excruciating sometimes

Hey guys, using the metallo method, do you weaken them to increase the catch rate or how do you catch them? Which two other arks do you use?


You can weaken them but if you do you have to use mettalo method (or eles they lvl up) and REMEMBER i cant stress this enough CHANGE YOUR OCARINA SO YOUR LVL 1 BREEZELING DONT HAVE 130 ATTACK POWER EQUALLING A 1 SHOT FOR YOUR ASHIE!!!

You have to level metallo up to metallodius first. Then you use metallodius’ escape move to avoid battles while your farming for something specific. If the ark you want pops up then you skip metallodius’ move or use watervoid to get him out of the way and bring up your next weakling to help you weaken the ark your after.

And make sure u have something else to do while farming

Thanks for your answers, i didn’t tought about the ocarina! I’m just afraid i would kill the hatchling if i’m trying decrease his hp. Do you use lvl 1 ark to weaken him? Any special one? (I guess depends on the elemnt)

Thanks again!

There’s an ark called Pufferfish which has a poison attack that does damage over 500TU. It’s found in the sea north of Windon, along with Scallotooth. It’s probably the best ark to use for weakening attacks as the attack does little damage over time (even with gold ocarina).

cheers guys another night gone still no bluey :frowning:

Keep going! u can do it

Do you stay In the same spot?

hey there, last night i spend 3 hours and i got (farm with metallo) : Ashie ( C )  leafy ( E )   bluey ( S )  and when I was sleepy I leave the battle of the last one inadvertently, so just don’t give up in 2 days I found 7 dragons :smiley:

Nice, bluey S… That’s some luck you have…

Now he needs to find a Galey A or S to tag with it. Lol

Hmmm to b extra safe i would use one that is weak against the hatchling so it only does half damage and REMEMBER MAKE YOUR OCARINA THE LOWEST ONE YOU HAVE