What do you think about the rarity of hatchlings/starters

Do you think it is worth it/good that they are 1/200? I personally think it is a little outrageous how you can be at one spot for a few days and not get one.

I personally would like to see it so that once you have seen 200 arkadions in that one spot, you will immediately get the one rare hatchling/starter. If you got it, then it would restart. What do you think?

well I like that it kinda helps me increase my patience because I am very impatient so i can honestly say its worth the time/wait just because you can fuse them  lol, but its all about luck really and you will get the starter/hatchling eventually.

PS: hatchlings are easier to find thatn starters IMO

Ofcourse its good because else they wouldn’t be rare as for the starters its an unique way to get them all:D

Well don’t you think that once you have gotten through 200 arkadions you deserve it? As you have spent quite a lot of time on it.

200 arks is nothing, at that rate i could get a hatchling in a hour or less probably less infact

Exactly. Is it really worth it in general for you to be grinding 4 hours to get an omegawyrm on a good day?

Well it is 12 stars, and only 2 twelve star arks are available (not counting kami as it is impossible to have gotten it yet) and there where only 100 destructors given away and a few extra for the (extremely) lucky or egg timers so there are very few of those out there so omega is pretty much the only available 12* monster soo yeah i think its fair, now for the starters thats a different story

I collected two of each hatchling, each one took approximately 30-45 minutes to get.  I suggest you get a Metallodious and use his Escape ability (someone on the forums posted this strategy), it helps a ton!

I do have a metallodious, but it still takes me quite a long time.

But I see where Kitty is coming from, as 12 stars is quite good.

But the starters, the most you can get is 9.5 stars (I think), so possibly have it changed to 1/150? 

There is something floating around called a counter. Once you finish 2000 battles you’re guaranteed to get a hatchling. Are you guys using the metallodious trick? (http://www.hunterislandforum.com/index.php/topic/707-the-best-and-most-efficient-way-to-farm-rares/) I don’t know if it raises the count, but it doesn’t hurt to try. AoE works too.

Make sure that the non metallodious ones have a low speed, if they’re too fast then sometimes they’ll come before metallodious causing you to waste time skipping turns

I have figured out all of that, it isn’t really that hard to figure out. It is just seeming like it isn’t worth my time to get those other three starters if they won’t really add much for me.

Hachlings are worth it

Starters are not

Hatchlings are starters are not, i agree beez because honestly a 9.5 star monster isnt worth 10+ hours of your life (took me 10 to get dreadwolf) and if your using mettalodius method id reccomend using fireworkers to deal a little damage to them to raise odds of capture but WARNING! IF YOU DO THIS REMEMBER TO CHANGE YOUR OCARINA TO A WEAKER ONE BECAUSE IF YOU DONT YOU WILL 1 SHOT ANY RARES FOR THOES WHO HAVE BEAT THE GAME AND HAVE STRONG OCARINAS! (Also i would be careful using them on leafy/brackie since fire beats ground ive not tested it on them yet so i wouldnt temp it)

ive bin trying to catch bluey (hatchling) for 3 days now!!! i got the other 3 in 2 hours

U sure its the right spot ? and dont overlook it!

On the subject of starters, will I be able to capture them 100% like the other arks in their locations, or do I need I be carrying a lv1 ark to whittle down their health?

Use an lvl to be sure cuz its probably 39% when theyre at full health

That’s what I’ve been doing just in case but I’m still to even see a starter or hatchling so it was just guesswork :lol: only problem being that after hours and hours of grinding my lv1’s aren’t lv1 anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
Cheers for the reply btw

Well, I pretty much gave up now