If you have ideas to improve the game, let us know here! 

For the Multi-Player

Maybe after you have defeated a certain challenge or captured a certain monster 

You can unlock the Boss Monsters as Rare Monsters (like really powerful) if you get like a 20-win streak 

Then if you keep that going 

You keep getting better and better monsters !

Is this a good idea to add into the game later on?

I don’t think this is really good idea, because this way the strongest hunters will keep goind stronger and will become more, and more hard to defeat. This is not really fair.

I understand the concern Mr.Kat is voicing, however, what if the “prize monsters” for winning consecutive battles in multiplayer would be made for only single player use? I feel like this could be a work around to this issue.

All players can get rewarded for doing well in PvP, and the online community won’t be forced to battle against super strong rare (“prize”) monsters.

I agree with angles bane that’s a good point you could do that solving the issue of the stronger players getting the strongest monsters in the game another suggestion would be if you want the player to win items based on their win streak make the prize something that dosent affect their monsters or how well you battle like it could be a cool decoration for the character or something else just kinda putting an Idea their it’s just something to think about.

I know this might be a given, but it would neat if there was a trading system, were you are able to trade your monsters with other players.  I am not aware if this has been announced in the multiplayer features but if it has I apologize for my ignorance. :3

I see what you mean 

But would you agree with my post if  i said that people have to challenge people around the same level monsters and stuff

that would make it fairer and HARDER to get a massive win streak


I would LOVE trading :smiley:

iCloud game saving would be a good I dea so on all ur devices u would have the same game save files if u chose to

I thought that iCloud was only used on keeping track of iTunes and App store purchases.  I don’t think you would be able to upload save files to the cloud or other games would have done it by now.

it’s fully implemented in a lot of multiplayer games and bigger titles but small debs for some reason tend to overlook this gem much like most app debs overlook airplay.

Yah can you please put a trading system in?

I believe they’ve mentioned plans for that.

I wonder how it will be like, and since there will be multiplayer, you will have to prevent people from trading themselves starters or dragons. Or overpowered monsters. (If you make trading)

They may end up making certain monsters unable to be traded and if you can trade them the ones you trade have to be within 5 levels of each other.

a certain room, that whenever you get sell/whatever you do to get rid of a monster, someone is able to adopt that monster, but after paying a low price, that gets higher as you level up…?

idk, i think that that might allow people to help beginners.

youd have to implement a feature that you can only adopt in you level bracket ex: you can adopt a level 1-5 monster at level 1 and level 6-8 at level 2. and so on.

Then you would have to do the same with with trading monsters as well.

i did post earlier my suggestion to have it so the monsters you want to trade have to be within 5 levels of each other…

Well then that takes care of that.