When will the betas be chosen and if I’m chosen shoul I post any found bugs or glitches here or elsewhere ?

we will add topics in the beta section. 


How will we know if we got chosen?

Approqimatley how long do you expect the game will be available for purchase? (So how long will Beta take?)

we will leave the winners a private message via this forum. As for the release, we are not sure. It largely depends on how smooth beta goes.

True that

You guys do good work

Keep making quality product!

It feels like my birthday!!!

When you mean the chosen beta testers will be sent a message will it be within the next couple of days or when will you all choose

Within the next couple of days once they clear things with Apple

How many beta testers are you allowed to choose?

They’re only allowed like 8 if I remember.

It ain’t easy being an iOS developer looking for beta testers

It doesn’t sound easy. But I wish them the best of luck :smiley: happy hunting

Agreed. It can’t be easy to do all of this. Happy Hunting and the best of luck to you.

Beta testing is really cool because you get to be a part of the team!

Slightly off-topic but still has to do with “Questions”.
What does the neutral thing on the right side of your profile mean.
(The part in the picture colored blue, assuming the picture actually worked)

We are learning as we go, as its our first time running a forum, but I think if you break the forum rules, you get warning points. 

Have the beta testers already been picked or are you all still in the process of it ?

Ah, the blue thing! Yes, when someone likes your post I think it goes green with 1 neutral

I might be wrong so don’t take my word for it, none of the other forums I’ve been to have this.

Not yet, we will notify everyone on facebook once they are picked. Apple servers have been down for almost a week now…

This is a question but more about the actual game than beta testing.  

How similar will the mechanics be to Dragon Island Blue?  My favorite thing about DIB is the battle mechanics of using Time Units for skills.  This makes for such a diverse set of strategies.  Along with the bench lineup.  I love the skills like Stun that set your opponent back on their Time count.  I know we will have all new monsters to figure out.  So excited.

And if there is a bench similar to DIB, how is that structured for PvP?  Because in DIB your bench grows as you level up, but I can see in PVP that being a negative, leading either to long drawn out battles at high levels, OR very one sided battles when one party has a very OP bench.