Post Game Online Content

We need ideas for post game online content, including new types of missions. Basically, the problem we are hearing a lot these days is the lack of incentive to continue playing…as our game was fundamentally designed to be single player. I think we all agree there is a lot of room for improvement here.  :wacko:

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Is it possible to put something that involves teams? This way it can be multiplayer and it will encourage interactions with other players.

For example, some “capture the flag” thing? Where one team tries to find a specific arkadion before the other. Perhaps you can add restrictions, like “50% of Team A must find Monster1 before continuing to the next round.”

And then the next round would be “60% of Team A must find Monster2 before continuing to the next round.”

The main goal is monster3, so when one person (or you can make it % too) gets monster3, their team wins.

Maybe these games will only take an hour or so, but you can make it automatic so that it won’t have to be updated like the OM.

This sounds pretty good to me, but there will probably be a lot of flaws and holes in my logic. But hey, trial and error, ya know? x>

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so a few ideas we have.

1). Safari like place, where we change out the monsters seasonally or even weekly. 

2). Safari like online mission, ie, first x many people to find monster y. 

(i think this is where kooka’s idea comes into play)

3). Who can get to the deepest type online mission dungeon.

(we can do teams for this too, im not sure how many people per team but basically everyone on the team plays the same dungeon).  

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I really like #1, but what will it be populated with? OM monsters? New monsters? Maybe both?

#2 sounds awesome, haha.

#3 sounds great too, but I’m afraid people might complain about others having a more powerful team than them. Are you going to restrict stars?

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I think they are all great ideas!  I think that for Online missions you should change the theme of the dungeon to fit the theme of the monster.  For instance a robot type monster like Destructor would have a Sci fi themed dungeon.  (It’s been the same cave theme.)  I think that will make things aesthetically pleasing.

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I think part of the problem is that there’s no story to the online missions.

Its an online mission

Make like a quest

Your character is the grand master now and I think that the grand master should have grand master quests, like you did with the Dragons after you beat the game.

so liven up the online mission a bit with a story.

and is there anyway to make the single player turn into a multiplayer kinda thing?  so this way you get two things: 1. you have to go find said mission in whatever town its in and 2. go find the mission in the area around the town

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The story-to-the-OM mission is an extreme “YES” for me. I’m all for stories.

Though I’m not sure what you mean about the last suggestion? Do you mean it’s a mission given online, but you use the solo play map for it?

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exactly! as in yes, on the solo map

Also, I would totally write up stories for you guys for the price of a high five and a chimichanga and maybe name in the credits

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On topic: Perhaps there can be an unlockable Online storyline after the main one? Because I hear DIB had another storyline after the main one, that seemed amazing.

Off topic: You should really post some literature in that thread you made, Dead. I’ve been hyped for it haha

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Clans and wars. Basically, there should be clans of 20 that have 3 leaders. These leaders can start wars with other clans. There can only be three wars going on at a time, and they all last 5 days long each. During a war, all the players battle the members of the opposing guild. They can do this as many times as they want, as long as their is a matchup. The team with the most overall wins will be victorious. The prize will be 1000 diamonds for all members (keep in mind that they will be battling more than a few times per war), and 50 sapphire/ruby/emerald. This currency will be explained later.

Anyways, there should also be tournaments every month. These last 5 days as well, but with a twist. When entering the tournament, it will cost the guild 10,000 diamonds. How does a guild do that? SImple. Players will have to donate to a guild vault. These diamonds can be used for extra benefits and to enter tournaments. For example, 10,000 diamonds can buy a War Point, which counts as a win in a war. Make sense? Anyways, back to the tournament…members will be matched up against several random opponents from many different guilds…everyone goes solo and battles as much as they can. Then, at the end of the tournament, the amount of wins by the people are tallied, and the guilds with the highest scores win…for example…if Ashley and I are one clan, we battle as many opponents as we can. Let’s say that we both beat 100 players each in the 5 days…That’s a total of 200 points for us. Then, the clans that win receive prizes…1st-5th place gets 1000 sapphire/ruby/emerald and 15,000 diamonds, 6th-10th place is 500 s/r/e and 10,000 diamonds, 11th-20th place is 250 s/r/e and 5,000 diamonds, and all participants get 10 s/r/e and 1,000 diamonds. Note that these rewards are given to all members of the guild/clan. So yeah…individually. Every member of a guild gets the reward. So everyone in the #1 guild gets 1000 gems and 15,000 diamonds each.

Now…what is with all of these sapphires, rubies, and emeralds? Basically, clans can be part of three classes. Depending on which one, the clan will always receive that kind of currency. Let’s say that my clan is part of the Ruby League. We will always get 50 rubies per war and 1000 rubies per tournament…so what do we use these for? A new shop similar to the diamonds…except we actually spend them. This means that we have to spend gems…and can actually buy more than one copy of a monster we really like. We can also spend…say…1,000 gems for a +50ATK and Magic boost for 24 hours or something. Cool, right? Anyways…why have three classes with different gems? First and foremost, the prize monsters will be different. So…for example…I am part of the ruby class, right? So…for 5,000 rubies (keep in mind that it’s 50 per 5 day war) I can buy the first stage of a Rubywyrm. 

If you want, you can add other classes so that all the types are covered. Alexandrite for elementless, ruby for fire, sapphire for water, emerald for earth, Opal for wind…dunno about holy/shadow though…or maybe you can make up gem names instead of using real ones. I just thought that real ones would be cool, as they go with diamonds.

…anyways, back to the classes…Every month, leaderboards are updated, and the top 5% of each class gets a corresponding type-boost all across the game. So…the top 5% of the ruby league get a 5% boost to their fire monsters, etc.

Now, you can change the amount of people who are affected by these things, the rewards for certain things, and the prices as well.

It’s all up to you. I’m just giving the basic idea.

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That actually sounds really, really amazing and I would LOVE to see that. But it’s… really elaborate.

Not that it’s a bad thing.

But I have a question. Will these rubies and stuff be rewarded to each player or the guide?

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Each player.

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Clan wars is an AWESOME IDEA!!!  Don’t know how well that could be integrated in Hunter Island…but maybe in future games???  (Please in future games ;___; )

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How would the leaders be selected?

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Whoever starts one

Basically one persons would start It and then add two people and make them leaders

I would’ve worked on it yesterday but I got busy with my birthday

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Kookaset - people create clans…that’s leader 1…that person elects two helpers…the end.

So like…let’s say it’s you, PRED, me, and apple.

I made the clan, and I’m the General. I can promote and demote captains, but only two of em. I can choose to disband clans, start wars, and I also control how we spend our diamonds (other gems are individual). Captains (you and PRED) can only start wars. Apple can only sit there, battling alongside the leaders.

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Oh, (late) happy birthday!

Hope you had a good one.

Ah, never mind. I misread something. ^^; Thanks for clearing that up. I thought there was only going to be one clan for each currency… wow, see how my mind works? It’s amazing.

So unless I’m misreading again, how much would it cost to make a guild?

Also, happy late birthday Deadpool! I should’ve known from your suggestion! :c

Oh, forgot to mention that. Idk, I’d say…20,000 diamonds?

Anyways…i read Kooka’s post about a new storyline…well, I posted this in the Monster Ideas thread…but I think it would be better off here.

Now, I did leave some parts a tad bit messy back then…it was on my phone…anyways, you know how I mentioned that humans gave up their souls and became first ones? This would conflict with the game, I know. However, there is one way to fix that…basically, say that they had their memories wiped, and the Eternal Guardians told them that they were created by humans to keep order. This makes sense, because the Eternal Guardians would have wanted peace, as the humans were greedy, etc…So it does tie in with the real story.

This can be told to the player during the first encounter with the chief eternal guardian, who tells the full story up above. This Eternal Guardian will probably be a dragon of some sort, idk…but make them superior to all of the other eternal guardians…idk, make his type Divine or something, which is a 1.25x boost to every single type. Maybe make him so he can’t PvP though. it’d be too overpowered.

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