Suggestions on Protect/Raw

So we’ve discussed how raw moves are sub par before and with the rise of stun counters and converters, protectors have become a bit less popular In the meta (besides BB spam & dusc plays)

My suggestion is that Raw still will be usable if a protect move or passive is inactive. For example. If drako hasn’t used protect yet, we can still utilize the move. (If it is easily programable)

New Move suggestions that wouldn’t hinder raw if not targeting raw monster:
Gaurd - Selects 1 monster to protect
Dual Gaurd - Selects 2 monsters to protect

New moves random:

Scapegoat - dragon island blue move. Selects a friendly monster as a protect target

I really want a protector with
Call of vengeance

Hold ground
Stun converter

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So you saying as long as no active protect is active the atk will stil work so example drako
If no protect is up raw works but let’s say if aegis on field raw wouldn’t work

I have a solid solution that I consider fair. Make raw better. But what about angelion? He doesn’t need buffed! Exactly I say, we nerf him to solo so we don’t see link holy garbage anymore with him. Idc what raw is buffed to but it can’t be a bad thing as long as lion gets solo

Suggestion is not welcomed. Raw is good as it is right now.

Solo is alot worse he will be spamed with auto protectors, its more of a buff then a nerf. Suggestion is not welcomed

I see your point but I honestly hate link holy more. The only problem imo is assisted nova but that can just become normal.

The only advantage of raw is it’s faster. I’ll admit I do t need it to be buffed for my team to work but I’m not against it as long as angelion gets nerfed.

The only nerf angelo should get is lowering his defence stats so there is no rng involved with chrono killer with him. Otherwise counter to converter which would be a huge nerf.

Counter to converter was never a suggestion. In fact there are more counters coming. He just needs to be less broken

And if you ask me i think shockers should get reworked they are too powerful right now to the point am seeing teams run full stun immune counter converters with malwing chromea + 1 shocker just to counter them.

Including myself who is using shockers once i remove the converters stun abosrbs the oppoents just quit because once my shocker hits the board and stun all enemy monsters its over.

Oh I just realised I’m arguing with Ahmed. Stupid of me. His 300 IQ is too much for me

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Never seen rng not kill him

Angelo is a powerful monster but i totally think hes fine, maybe his defence needs loweing thats all.

Again why can’t my angel be that tough always dies to chrono killer :sob::sob:

Only thing don’t is sear bit sear is a se

Its literally rng with angelo,

Something like cylo would kill him 100% of the time.

Something like raizen, dolphin, its rng.

I dont have chromea but i do thing he one shots him 100% of the time.

It does but I have no maths on that just from what I see

RAzien is always iffy I find

They do have low atk stats

Dolphin has a huge rng multiplier, he might one shoot even mecha but its all to the rng jesus