Suggestions for game improvement

I would like to make a few suggestions that could drive this game forward. Im a massive fan of the devs for all the previous games (ie DIB, hunter island etc), so I really want this game to progress further.

  1. Adding soul stones to daily missions. Make this the ‘clear 6 daily mission’ reward instead of the character core. This will give better incentive for players who have completed all content to play the game further. Make this 50 or 100 soulstones

  2. Catching more monsters in open world. The amount of monsters to catch, considering that this is a ‘monster catcher’ feels limited compared to the amount you can summons. Perhaps there can be more open world content and side quests to get more powerful?

  3. Find more uses for silver. After act 1 (and gaining so much silver), there’s not much use for this currency. There’s maybe 4-5 weapons that can be obtained at best that are viable for later content (better weapons can be obtained through summoning). Can develop a shop to spend silver left over from campaign. Shop idea: develop a ‘lure’ item (100000x silver cost) gives a small chance at luring more powerful monsters (R-SR grade) in the grass areas.

  4. Make more acts or online missions like act 1. I love the open world mechanic and it would be a shame if there was no more content that would feature this. The story content for act 2 and 3 are great and all, but I feel this isn’t what the game is truly about.

  5. For end game users, make legendary or grand quests (non mana based preferably). Make these obviously like their name sake, really difficult, but have the opportunity to get SSR monsters. I’m not saying release loads of these quests but maybe 1 or 2 to spice things up for players that don’t have the fortunate luck of getting SSRs from summons. This can be another features added for open world??

Thanks for reading


Excellent post Itachi, great to have you back

Hey thanks man, glad to be back. Really enjoying the feel to Evertale at the moment. How have you been?

Yes… These ideas are awesome now let me also share my thoughts
1. Add a daily quest or a weekly quest where players can get Mana potions.
Let the 25 Mana potion item regenate 1 after certain interval of time (like after 30 min) which can be stacked 2 times, 50 Mana potion after every 4 hours which can stack 2 times, and 1 100 Mana potion item every 10 hours in addition to regular Mana regeneration.
2.Right now the game mechanics is fairly pay to win style but won’t it be better if they add skins with cool voiceovers for ssr characters where players can buy with real money just for showoff so that there will be more fair gameplay?

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I think another good idea which may assist with promoting more players to log in / play each day, because SSR’s are SO rare, there should be an end of month item that allows you to awaken an SSR of your choosing by one level. You could even alternate said item each month (SSR Weapon/SSR Character) to give people incentive to log in. Or make a token that allows you to battle a random enemy that you can “catch” or drops an SSR weapon etc.

Again, make this infrequent enough so that the market doesn’t become saturated with everyone having max level everything, or it removes the desire to make pulls - but gives incentive to play/login.

But yes, also another post was made - for those who have gotten very lucky - something needs to be in place for compensating on characters SR and above, that are pure duplicates.

In neo monsters , we get 5 gems as 850th day login bonus.


lol its still 5 gems at 1000++


Is there a way to name the different teams 1 to 10 ? i always confuse them, having 2 pvp teams and a pve team & some experimental:P

I‘d like to see that as improvement if not👍🏻

Make a PVP that isn’t live. Live takes forever and half the time you can’t match anyone. And there’s no rewards which makes it not worth while to even do except for the daily mission.

So basically what you’re saying is “ruin the game”

Live pvp is what makes these games unique, otherwise it’d feel like 1 player game. And ai sucks, there wouldn’t be a solid ranking system because ai can’t play properly

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Non live pvp wtf is that? Also I don’t know what you’re talking about, I get a match always in less than 30 seconds

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how can you have PvP if it’s not live :joy:like it’s player vs player

Lots of other games have pvp that isn’t live. It’s really annoying waiting over a minute to get a match then a 5 minute battle for no reward except daily mission completion. Your team and weapons don’t even get leveled up from it. It’s just stupid.

Uh… It’s fun? Don’t do it if you don’t like it

And that’s why i say these games are unique. non live pvp battles aren’t fun at all

By non live pvp you mean pvp without internet connection?

I think they mean PvE posing as PvP with rewards, so no losing to logic of a human :joy:

Need auto battle in every thing but the pvp

When you wanna evolve your favourite character but it’s not Wednesday :man_shrugging:t2:


Words with friends has non-live PvP @Laxtankk

Stop asking stupid questions