Suggestions, and constructive criticism's towards the game

Evertale at its current state is such a drag to play. This, is solely due to poor decisions made regarding the game. First, the drop rates are extremely low and the only reason this is done is to encourage players to buy more in game currency this is the sole reason. I do not have an issue with anyone who decides to pay to try to pull units, but the way this game is designed currently makes it impossible to compete. Initially when u start the game u get a good amount of gems, u have the campaign, tutorial, daily login but the issue with this is that once u are done with the campaign u can not get more and with the daily login at some point the rewards gets so sparse its takes like 30 days just to get 1000 soul stones after a while, this kills f2p players and makes it impossible for them to compete. An ok fix for this would be to improve the daily quest rewards. Currently the rewards u get from completing the daily quests are ridiculous, they are so bad. In my opinion the reward for completing the daily quests should be 100 soul stones. I believe this would provide players who do not want to pay for the game a better incentive. The biggest issue with this game are the drop rates of the ssr units, and as i stated above it is purely for the purpose of sucking as much money as they possibly can. What needs to happen is a big increase in the drop rates of ssr minions. I believe that during special summoning events the drop rate for the specific character should be increased to 5% or even more and for the sr char 10% and the weapon 7% What this will do is make the game more diverse and allow players to specifically target ssr units that they want to acquire for their team compositions. Finally, i think that they should focus on making more content right now in regards to pvp. At the state that pvp is right now it is extremely lackluster and unbalanced, they should add ranked player vs player asap. I believe that if changes are not made to the game soon it will be hard for the game to survive.On a final note, I apologize for any grammatical or vocabulary mistakes, english is a second language to me. I would also appreciate any criticism u might have and feel free to make your own suggestions of how to make the game better.


Nice summary.
Daily quest rewards can be soul stones instead of cores … I have 100s of cores I won’t probably use ever cos I don’t have enough SSR units to use.


Thank you for the response. I tried to be as short as possible with what i wrote but i believe it tackled what i believe are some of the biggest issues with the game currently. I agree with you the daily quest should reward soul stones upon completion.

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Aye I agree with all of what you said. I think another problem you didn’t mention is the diversity of content PvE. I want to see more open world like act 1 rather than just rehashed battles with different monsters and a different story in the events. I want to see more monster catching etc. All the stuff that made the game so great in the beginning transferred to later game in the form of catching SR monsters and even the odd SSR. Would spice things up for sure

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I’m close to uninstalling. I can only play 2x a day and on events only. The mana consumption is too high. I don’t want to use real money to pay because I don’t know if the game will be stable. Just from pvp, it’s hard to even match with people so yeah. Also, drop rates suck. Act 2, 3, 4 suck. After act 1 no more monster catching. I don’t even do daily missions anymore because rewards are useless to me now. After act 1, it’s boring as hell.


I want to like this game. I did beta and was super excited. Now everything has stalled and there’s no exitement anymore. I completely agree with almost everything you said, except I think the odds should be increased to 3 per cent max. They are so good, they should be very rare. However some sort of pity timer should be implemented (e.g every 15th 10x pull you get a SSR unit no matter what, or the weapon summon and character summon should be separate. I personally like the latter more. Furthermore I would like to add a few more points:

-We should be able to capture a few SR units and maybe 1 SSR unit from the wild. The SSR unit should have a small rate of capture so it would feel like an achievement to capture it! That way everyone could experience having even one of them. It would be nice if some of the captured 4stars could be evolved into 5 stars with materials of course. Thinking 2 or 3 would be a good number.

-R units are WAY too hard to evolve. The fact they need SR evolution materials is unbelievable.

-We need a different cooldown on story/events and powerup quests, or the mana cost of powerup quest should be decreased. Both sharing the same cooldown slows the game down way too much.

-The events have lacked imagination. 3x the same format in a row literally. I’m also tired of having only stupid weapons as prizes. A SR unit would be much more motivating at least for me!

-Levels have a HUGE impact in pvp. A level 100 SSR completely trashes a lvl 80 SSR. Something needs to be done about this. Either make awakening easier (make it so that we can farm 1 universal awakening shard in some events) or reduce the stat gap because it’s just ridiculous how much better they are.

-Lower the prices of soul stones. The quality of the game at the moment and the effort put into improving the game is not in any way enough to justify such high prices.

-Guild chat needs notifications. The whole guild screen looks like it’s still in alpha or early beta.

This is all I can think of right now, that would make the game more enjoyable at least for me.


Devs trying to get ranked pvp going. Should be out in a couple weeks I think.

Also apparently SS price is supposed to be whales only, with fish and dolphin stuff coming later.

Also that’s 2x in a row.

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I agree with you on the pve aspect of the game. Personally, i was going to play the game more for the pvp aspect of it, but in terms of pve as soon as act 4 came i was so disappointed with what they did. No more soul stones dropping from every battle, very large mana costs to continue and pretty uneventful fights. Coming into the game i was expecting it to be like pokemon in the way you catch monsters, but i feel likes it a mix of pokemon and final fantasy. I would love to catch sr or maybe some ssr unit in the actual campaign would be a nice addition hopefully changes come soon to the game.

I agree with all that you say. I think that unless you get a very lucky drop when you start out with the gems you acquire from campaign, events and daily login, once you play the game for a bit and u have acquired all the gems u can without paying you wont be able to make acquire the 1000 soul stones you need for another chance for a long while, because of how the daily login reward system works after a while, its so ridiculous, and if we go by the rewards the new act 4 gave its about maybe 150 soul stones i think from that so its not enough at all. I agree with what yo say about daily quests they need to be changed fast they are so unrewarding and after some time kind of useless.

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I think that if you had the ability to get an ssr unit through the campaign would be a decent idea especially for players that will potentially come into the game.
On your criticism of the lvl of ssr units, i completely agree with you the difference in strength is so huge and that i why i suggested much higher ssr unit drop rates on special character events,(astrid,orz) because right now tou reach that lvl 100 for your unit, u need to spend so much money to get it, its absolutely crazy. Finally, i agree with you on the prices of soul stones they are crazy high.

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Another aspect of the game that i forgot to mention was the achievement system seems so bad to me. Very little variety and after a while u do not get any more.

On a SSR on Act 1 could be Finn since he is a MC but he would start as a 2 star, then we would need to evolve him til 6 stars with materials that are only dropped on other acts.

Act 2 : 4 star SSR Finn evolution mats
Act 3 : 5 star Mats
Act 4 : 6 star Mats

This way even if Finn is a free SSR, the player would need to finish Acts just to be able to make a SSR Finn strong.


I have posted earlier on, something about making a the achievement system refresh weekly/monthly. But only some of it like the pvp wins, and achievements unlocked.

Or devs should just make a daily, weekly, monthly, and lifetime achievements. Lifetime being the ones that don’t actually reset.

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That sounds like a good idea, i agree with you on the choice of finn i think it is perfect.

I believe that atm the is enough in the game for lifetime achievements, i dont think they should be reset just add more and add some variety.

If anyone read this, please considering replying and offering ur opinions would be great for the post to get some traction so the developers hopefully see it.