Some suggestions

° whenever we level up, mana should be recharged to full. Idk what was the thought process behind not being like that.

° the amount of mana required for easy & hard levels in act 2 & 3 should be reduced,
Act 2 normal 15 to 10 per battle
Act 2 hard 45 to 30 per battle,

° I think it would be really helpful to have seperate farming system for all the mats, it’s truly painful to recharge mana & then you don’t get those specific mats , and the amount of mana required is really huge.,

I know it’s an process & it takes time, but please consider these suggestions.


The materials should also be available to farm every day and either the amount of evolution items increased in ex hard mode or the ticket cost drastically reduced e.g. 50 mana for ex hard, 25 for hard and 10 for normal.

Also I would be happy if Evertale had a similar system to Biweekly mission in Neo Monsters, where we could farm a fixed amount of soulstones, mana potions, character cores and gold every 2 week period.

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We get mana potions that equals same or more than a full refill. I like it this way because in neo i feel forced to play when i level up but in evertale i can save it for later

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You do know the higher you go the less pots you get back

How so? You guys at 150?

after 100 you only get 1 mana pot

Also why the hell does evolving a r unit require SR elemental ingredients? I can accept SSR needing a pile but why the hell do rares need to be so hard to evolve?

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It does appear you get more late game, and a good amount during events/ online chapters.

However I agree that evolution without those things might as well be impossible.

Speaking of events why does it cost so much energy per event item!?
I mean 200 per item with the highest earn being 14 event items per 60 mana feels unreasonable to me.

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