Suggestions for devs

After the game is completed there is nothing to do in this game.
The least devs can do is increase number of lifetime achievements so that players remain busy for sometime.Also please only offer summon stone rewards.No one wants anything else.
After a certain time it gets really hard to get soul stones after your few limited achievements get finished.

Why create so many heroes of you don’t want users to be able to play them.At current rate of SSR summons and new SSR releases there is little chance anyone can ever get more than a few of add to it slow rate of getting stones after a certain time and then we start talking about time period approaching millions of years.I really think our sun will die before someone gets all SSRs for free.

Make our next online story free to roam like offline story and allow us to catch monsters.

Provide good reward system for PvP system
Season award based on PvP ranking.stones,gold, SSR anything.

I think none of these suggestions would be very hard to implement.You already provide achievements just add to it.You already have free to roam map system.And you can easily provide season rewards based on rankings.


This is because you’re not supposed to get them for free…


I am just giving a number.Our sun is also not supposed to die for millions of years.No one is supposed to get all of them unless he pays a lot for them. Duh…

Did you just Duh yourself? :joy:

The game is never going to have rates that would allow people to get all SSR for free.

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I know man.Thats not what I am saying at all.Is that what you infered from this post?That I am asking to be allowed to play all SSR?
I am merely suggesting that that current rate getting summon stone becomes very slow after you get all achievements.
I actually duh you for pointing out the obvious.(thanks genius) :wink::joy:
You must be really poor in probability and possibility. :sweat_smile::joy::joy:

Thanks for calling me genius, I appreciate it :sunglasses::nerd_face:

Of course you want to play all SSR for free. Wouldn’t it be nice as well if everything else in the world was free?!

Calling out aside, most of your suggestions would be good for the game but I hope you do understand, that people were asking these things during the first week after release already? The company is too busy releasing main characters dressed in bikini.

I spent 81 euros on 40 summons which were all 10x, and I’ve not gotten a single SR or SSR characters, honestly… this game is just a straight up scam.


You totally called that :joy:

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Also need to create the towers challenges event, can clim stage by stage until defeated. When finished will recieve rewards, will reset everyday. I think the game will more exciting not like now 1 event/month :frowning:

Well, once you finished the offline story… Nothing much to do, except keep playing pvp for fun, as the mana regeneration is too slow when compare to the spending (act 4 hard cost 60 mana per battle). 3 hours for 1 battle.
As for the ssr, I don’t think you are able to get half of the SSR units even if you play until the sun die …
Putting that aside, I did saw someone posting their teams being 15 SSR (7 units +8 weapons) at lv 100. I don’t know how much he’s spend though.
The dev have set up a low summon rates, many players have requested them to lower down the cost of summon or increase the rate or separating weapon & unit summons, but nothing changed after a few months.

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Mana takes too long to regenerate. I suggest that you lower the time to receive a point for each player rank you receive. Maybe 5 seconds off for each 10 ranks, thus a rank 300 player would replenish a mana point every 30 seconds.

Greetings! I’m your fellow Evertale player, and I want to suggest you a idea, that why don’t you introduce a new exchange shop (new feature) in which players can exchange there weapon awakening shards for an another actual weapon/another weapon awakening shard. As it will really help players to get better weapons for there units and also it will also help to clear up their inventory! And if you don’t mind I would also like to also suggest the exchange rate:-

• 4 Awakening shards for an another weapon


• 3 Awakening shards for an another weapon shard.

And if they want to get another weapon type
i.e. Exchanging Great axe shards for an Sword or its shard. It will cost 2 extra shards in each of the above case.

I hope you have liked my suggestion and you are looking forward to it!

Thank You!!

Waiting for devs reply!!! If any doubt any suggestion feel free to ask

Yo! Bring back Rogue mode! We have been waiting for it since 2022! Jeez where all devs. Is this site dead or what. When I first saw this site I was excited but now I more learn about how no one is paying attention. It’s well… disappointing. But still I have some hope more. Plz any dev who sees this try to implement or atleast think about my and others suggestions. If u think there are less no. of people are interested game now. Then u are wrong as I know a discord server where people still love this game! (I’m talking about story and other things like PvP, rogue mode and etc… And not about waifus!) Pls do something…