Evertale Gacha. Fair or Unfair?

I’ve summons 10x like five times. I spend my whole day everyday to get all those soul stones but i didn’t get any SSR character. This is so sad for me and people like me that doesn’t have enough money to buy soul stones. If it’s depends on luck, what should the other players do when they’re unlucky? Do we need to give up and move on to the another games? Why should we do that when this games is good enough for us to play?

If that SSR character/weapon is hard to get, please make it easier for us to get those soul stones. Pvp is one of the way to get soul stones but if our team or character not powerful enough, what should we do?

Some people play this game to escape from reality and start another life in the fantasy world of this game. Tbh I said this game has a very interesting story and that’s why some of those who’re giving up on playing this game doesn’t want to immigrate but waiting for a new story.

I’m very grateful to the creator of this game. Please make this game more friendly and easier.

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Better just move on and pick another game. After a year of waiting for better this game just seems like a lost cause. The company is very greedy and all they care for is money, with minimal effort.

Other gacha games give more for less and some of them even have pity timers or events that allow you to grind a SSR unit. In Evertale you have nothing like that, just guaranteed scantily clad teenage girls for 26.99€


I’m so disappointed.


Evertale is the second most disappointing game on my list, after Elder Scrolls Online which I stupidly pre-ordered.

The craziest thing is that we have the same forum for Evertale and Neo Monsters yet only Neo Monsters Devs are ever active here. Back last year when I did Evertale beta, there were 2 or 3 different Devs active and the vibe was awesome. You could give them feedback directly and they listened. After release not a single word on the forum. I have no idea what happened, apparently they’re active in some shady way in Discord, but I would imagine the interaction would be more open and transparent like in Neo Monsters side, it’s the same goddamn company!!!


Story/Event is okay, but when it comes to Pvp… it’s really unbalanced.

If we already feel this way, what about the other player?
Bruh… I hope they’ll realize this.

It’s not worth wasting ur time on .
After like 10k skystones , u can’t get any sufficient amount of stones unless u use real money . Like a generous amount of 800 stones per month max . So ye move on

Yeah, I agree, the “offline” part is by far the best section of the game and absolutely worth playing. All the rest is pretty much crap.

Most of players quit after a few weeks or months. Only a very few have played since the beginning. The playerbase is very unstable.

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SSR characters are 1% so on average that’s 10x 10-summons. After 5 I’m not surprised you don’t have one yet. Playing for free you have to be patient and build up those soul stones over time.

Professor Oak says you get something like 800 soul stones per month but that’s nowhere near the true amount. You get maybe more like 3000-5000. It’s hard for me to tell because it’s my girlfriend who plays.

Discord is the place the Evertale Devs and community are active. That’s where they like to do it, rather than here.

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Well I Was really lucky and got a few insane chars. Devs already announced that they will release 2 new ss each month… no way that any f2p will keep track with p2w players

Which is better evertale or neo? I just started neo like around a week back and I have 3 legends and evertale I have 3 SSR chars the latest I did 6 10x and got I SSR char the new one that is just frustrating

As a weeb you probably want to play Evertale :wink: Generally speaking though, Neo Monsters is a far more developed, fun and well balanced game. Evertale is very P2W due to power creep and needing multiple copies of <1% drop rate characters in order to be competitive at the top level. However, they somewhat balance this by giving out a huge amount of currency for free.

Yeah thanks I guess I’ll continue with neo and just login evertale for crystals :joy::joy:

Evertale is very frustrating. I reached without problem t1 In pvp at the beginning of that year (March/April). I always save my gems. I didn’t got any of that new ssr chars that break the game. Like thunder Rolo, she was the start of absolute power creep

If you’re new to Evertale, play through the offline story and online story chapters, and quit the game after that. No need to buy anything.:fire::fire::fire::fire::+1:

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