Advice to improve gameplay

I have been playing the game for a while now, and I have 3 ideas which may improve the playability of the game for long term players.
Firstly, friend summons. I like that these include boosts, but I think it would be better to focus the regular friend summons on boosts, and the more expensive friend summons on evolving.
Secondly, the story is good, but have the option to replay with the base level set to the average level of your team.
Thirdly, daily rewards are good, but they don’t offer spirit gems as rewards, and there are no weekly rewards to complete, for example, the daily reward of type evolution battles could also be weekly of at least 5, and spirit points could be the reward for weekly targets.
These are three ideas which I think will improve continuous playing of evertale.
Thank you for reading.

They blatantly ripped off Alice in wonderland FYI, didn’t even change Alice’s name

That’s misleading.

Are you saying that Evertale didn’t copy Alice in Wonderland @Zardecil ?

Please explain to me why you believe this, I am genuinely curious.

I thought the way they did it was good regardless, although I skipped the cutscenes the second time around.
To be fair though, a lot of games I’ve played have had an Alice ripoff somewhere.
Copyright expiry is wonderful.

Putting it that way implies that they just copied the story from somewhere and then replaced any meaningful plot with it.

The way they actually did it adds another interesting layer to the game.

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