Suggestion : Make Day and Night Arkadions

Make Arkadions which u can only come across during a specific time or weather…

Iknow some of u may think you stole this from Geomon but It was a cool feature and u cant say im wrong about that .

If U want this vote in the poll.

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I can totally vouch for this , will make this game really fun for at least single player mode

I support this idea.

Would also be cool if they could do it on seasons too.

(I would say locations, but theres already an island and its not a radar.)

Map you mean ? & you trynna say , certain time of the day , or seasons , a island will pop up on the map but will also disappear when the season is passed , or didn’t catch it on a certain time/day ?

This idea will be actually very fun/interesting

I don’t think seasons will work, since there are already the desert, the winterlands, and the forest.

But night/day can be implemented, right? Based on the clock on your device? Does that require a connection?

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I think this is a great idea and also brings a way to add a whole new bunch of Arks to the games beginning areas and it’s future updates.

I thinks it’s a great idea too.

Finally my glazio will turn into a werewolf xD

Should definitly put a poll so people can vote yes or no so we can get this idea passed

But how to make a poll in here?

If ur in mobile u cant , if so click full version on very bottom , edit ur main post and on the right it say make poll

Allright I made a poll, lets see how this goes.

Okay nice! Hopefully we can get this awesome idea pass

0 votes at No , how good is that

Don’t jinx it bro. xD

But good to see so much support! It’ll be a REALLY awesome feature if this was implemented! Makes for more challenges.

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This is becoming like geomon but that’s good :slight_smile:

Well, Pokemon came out before Geomon and I think it had a day/night feature too.

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No I won’t sleep and will get temped to play it during work! :wink:

Everyone count that as a “yes”