Real life event arkadions

Vote please :slight_smile: would mean a lot

Edit: just to clarify if any problems the arkadions with the special things likeĀ don penguini with a christmas hat (from MastiQaatsi) can be found somewhere in a dungeon/town/event quest chain or something like that during the event~

Iā€™d love to see some kind of ā€œlimited editionā€ arkadions. same monster, same stats and skills but a different skin, like don penguini with a christhmas hat.

haha thanks for voting :slight_smile:

I admit, this would be a pretty cool idea but again coding takes awhile

Letā€™s hope it happens but if it doesnā€™t, thereā€™s always next year :slight_smile:

Everything takes time, but this would be a very cool feature

Would be awesome!!!
I vote yes!!!