Suggestion : Make an new evolution chain that makes farming more intresting.

My idea is that some arkadions will evolve due to their grades!

For example if u catch an S, A or B grade Levi it evolves in Leviathan but if u catch a C,D or E grade it will evolve in something totally different.

Its an unique way of evolving and it would make farming much more fun:D

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Problem with this is that the C,D evolution chain would never be able to get better grades so they would always be “inferior”

Though the idea of having different ways to evolve seems like a nice path to go once everything else is done and resolved :smiley:

Maybe only evolve in certain zones ? or certain times ? 

Certain Zones is cool but certain times looks alot like Pokemon and I want HI to be exclusive.

This could be an interesting challenge and planning component. For example the C,D,E evolution could be a more powerful Ark, but would always suffer from a grade disadvantage until after evolution, and you would then have the challenge of planning ahead on smart use of the grade boosters to get said Ark to A,S grade once it had evolved. It would bring a strategic element to how you spend your limited resources in the game. Is this ark worth using the grade boosters on to elevate it? If not is it viable at grade C? etc. etc. Even this though is similar to pokemon, one base monster that evolves in different ways based on conditions isnt a new concept, but it certainly is an interesting one.

I don’t know, but then, wouldn’t you spend amazing amounts of grade boosters to make a certain ark? ~.~

But the point is its not exactly the Same and it would make THE game less boring when ur farming or have beaten THE gamr

Maybe you can make arks that are widespread (like… seaquill/seaspine and bitefish/biteschool) differently colored? Like, a seaquill on Ark Island is blue, but a seaquill in the desert (let’s face it, guys, they’re everywhere) is sandy-colored?

Or you can make some arkadions have alternative colors. Perhaps you add little bonuses, corresponding on how rare they are.

Or you can make it like the pokemon thing and how fast you level it affects its stats.

Or slighter’s idea. 


Reset I see where ur going my friend:p

Yeah. AHEM Personas  I said nothing

Personas and alpha’s yes. But yet again i dont want this game to look like another game .

I want HI to be one of a kind

I wouldn’t call them personas.

Alt colors? Mutations?


But you suggested day/night feature like geomon …

That yes but this is a diff topic