Suggestion:Be able to swim in water.

I really like this game, and to make it even better, in the next update they should make it so you can swim in the water and catch underwater arkadions.

That would be a cool feature and maybe to fish there too?

Yeah that would be awesome

Fish for deepwater arks and swim for regular water arks

Yeah, they should really do that

I support +1

Great :slight_smile:

This sounds like a great idea, and it’d probably allow for some awesome expansion.

But think of the seaquills!

+1 vote from me!

Great idea, I was also thinking along these lines as well, it would be really neat to see this implemented, but maybe not swimming, perhaps boating or I know, kayaking! That would be really cool.

On top of that, it would be awesome to see a new continent be exposed in future updates! Okay, maybe that is a little extreme, but at least a forgotten island would be cool. Could add to the plot of the game.

The would need to be something to prevent people from trying to get to the wastelands before defeating Arborus as it’s currently just a water tile where the bridge would be. Maybe Leon/Leona could mention something about that water being to dangerous to swim in if you try

Also someone could just swim to Crescent island

Maybe not be able to land but on the part of the island you enter the water in? For example if you go into the water west of the desert you can only enter back onto land near the desert and not on crescent island.

My only worry is what if you run into a sabreshark O.O

or a Leviathan :confused:

That why you bring your arkadions along. =D A beautiful vacation and training trip all in one.

Sea quills… Oh well. I support this idea anyways! An easier way to catch rare water arkadions!

Next thing you’ll find are bluechicks 48 million tiles away from the shore.


1 Damage from each of your arks attacks ark + invincible to Metal Slash

lv 99 :3333333

Anyway fro the swimming thing you should make it you cant bring Fire arks


The horror.