Suggestion for next update

Yes. Make Kanna passive work same as Aetheron and Bastia. That would weaken Maeve Kanna combo.

This is a small change but would definetely make pvp and daily missions easier.

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kanna doesn’t need nerf only his SS, just need to change his unique swipe skill
tracer piercing mortar - raw piercing mortar
the change will no longer allow him to be played with protectors and this is the movement most used by players I assure you that this will change a lot of things and without protectors kattmander destroys it in two turns it will be much easier to kill


I have faced Maeve, Carmilla and Bastia a lot and I am categorical that the latter is much more oppressive than the first two. for me maeve doesn’t need a nerf on the contrary she even needs to regain her base speed there is no weaker monster than maeve once deprived of her fd she doesn’t even kill specterfox and she is usually used just with two fds

for carmilla it’s more complicated because her healing movement is really op it’s absurd thanks to because thanks @Coltraz to him we couldn’t see carmilla Booster and it’s really not joy because of all the PV it’s hard to get her to leave that perfect posture, when you get there she doesn’tdies easier like before and 42 you cover it all up it’s insane

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that’s just what i suggested change kanna’s unique swipe skill by adding raw to her and she won’t be able to hide behind protectors anymore therefore she will become easier to kill without protectors no kanna user can stop my team

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There’s 3 monsters which usually have huge influence when on battle, and those are maeve, carmilla and cynthia. Now they are all stunable, but most people will probably protect their lineup relatively well. Only carmilla is weak to sleep, and that’s what makes carmilla usually crumble where cynthia and maeve don’t, and they sorta get that “no counter” feeling. Carmilla can be unforgiving in a lot of cases, but imo maeve and cynthia put more value because you’re most likely not stunning them so they can keep sweeping without falling asleep, especially cynthia with her 60TU kill move.

With all this said, sadly, I am confident that no mythics will be nerfed… I mean, there are 2 cases where I can remember mythics being nerfed, 1: cynthia got quick draw tu go from 50->60 which didn’t affect her that much, and 2: bastia, which we all know was nerfed and then unnerfed quickly…


Now I fixed
Agreed that the some monsters need to balance like( charmilla ,mave  kanna )and charmilla should be balanced because she is extremely over powered although it's a myth but it need to be some restrictions also like blood drain is really of low tu and one can use to active her passive to make harder to kill .So it should be fixed like making this skill disable after certain use of the skill would be better.

And for kanna on her passive is  very annoying it blocks every monster ss except itself so i would prefer  making it active after 200-400 sec since  start of battle

FD Mave passive  also should be make like it would be  active if there are 2 of more then 2 FDs

Rather than this game is too slow the training and giving fruit is really slow and time consuming so it should be faster like one can earn more then 99 tp and  collect more then 99 fruits. Also can give  random number of fruits at once as player wish

Cynthia is fine. Sakuralisk has more influence. so do Kanna and Bastia. btw notice how pretty much every monster released since Carmilla is a counter to Carmilla? Doomhoof, GF Sakura payback (also robot SE buff). New Dark GF, Muscattus- Both have Nullifying Strike and muscattus can Steal her with its attack. New Bullspider can Man-eater.

i feel like if people actually used more than 20% of the monsters that exist in the game carmilla wouldn’t be as much of an issue. maeve still would be as she has no killer weaknesses.


Honestly, in my personal opinion, I don’t want the monster to get a nerf that destroys it, just to find a better balance between attacking and healing so it’s not as hard to hit kill

Not necessarily, you can still build with teammates who have their SS with the plan being if Kanna dies early then you can use them. Also, this is 100% like Bastia where you don’t play entrances and if Bastia dies first then you’re in a team with fewer monsters that can stop you from getting steam-rolled. As someone who’s built around and played with Bastia lots I can assure you it’s a big restriction but not a big problem.

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Same I through lmao