Thoughts on the recent update.


Whoever idea was to give lower tu pure cure on sleep immune 45% speed mythic should get a raise. Thank you :laughing:


Love the new damage too :smirk:

There’s a few unnecessary buffs… Lilithia and Hadeshoof. Just why? Both monsters were fine imo. Lilithia buff is borderline oppressive but at least she can’t be used with Vixenblade.

Then the long-awaited Mechydra change… ummm not sure about that really. His piercing move made way to a pseudo piercing move? Accelerate sting TU is still way too high. Seems still like a monster without a proper identity.

Voidress change is weird… on the other hand the lower TU on Ritual VI is nice but now she can effectively be shut down by repulse or knockback so I’m really not sure about this. I would get it if she had unmovable but now idk what to think of it.


I like the arcticlaw buff lol my cat getting stronk

The new daily pvp mission is way better. You can do it in even 2 matches if you play actively and it stops the matches against a single Wraith.

as I expected there really was no reaction from you on Nyx’s changes. you said it yourself, you no longer really need to return the diamonoid and even if Fermata is limited to two uses, that wasn’t really the problem, it still remains very toxic.

it’s a shame they didn’t give raw double bloodcrave for unicera but i guess it’s good.

for mechahydra I don’t really know if his double slayerbane will be better with that weak attack at least in SS it was piercing.

I wonder why it made Lilithia even more broken I think that if they nerfed dusi at the time it was so that a monster with shield fields would not be so oppressive without forgetting that it also applies discretion.

still no buff for xyz :smiling_face_with_tear:.

I agree with you they abused Lilithia even though he had already improved it not so long ago.
for Hades it has completely become op, if you accelerate it, it can become oppressive but it is a reduction in attack seconds I can only be willing.

I do not understand very well. before it couldn’t be pushed back or sent back?

Yes but Ritual VI had infinite uses. It’s the most reliable way of charging bloodbath so if you sacrifice 3 teammates with it and Voidress gets knocked back, you only have two uses left after that and you have to use a high TU move to charge her again.

I don’t really understand this change, as if it wasn’t punishing enough that you have to sacrifice a 6-star monster. I guess someone was doing infinite stun lock using Sanctallion and Cryokaizer. Nothing else really explains this.


oh yes I understand now, it’s true now that it’s limited it’s not really a good thing anymore if it’s postponed, they should have extended the ritual up to 5 stars but I guess that will never happen

Voidress in PvE was fine, Bloodbath with Camouflage is very powerful but also balanced by the fact that sometimes she is forced to sit there and spam power slash which is usually very low impact. She has a clear setup and function.

I guess they wanted to make her more of a PvP threat with the faster charging while removing the stun lock potential. Usually most changes happen because of PvP which kinda annoys me but is understandable.

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75tu for Bloodbath is nice.

Lilithia buffed doesn’t make sense at all.
They buffed her already previous patch. Nobody says a thing about her. Why?

Fermata nerfed is pointless. Doesn’t change a thing, nobody use fermata more than once anyway.
I dont get it.

Unicera is good, we can combo her with Hurricane.

Daily pvp mission is too punishing for new player. I dont think competitive players are benefiting from this. Its sad.

Thank you for Sageroom and Rhinotitan buff :green_heart:

They Make 2 water monster have counterslash instead😆


@Dev_VKC we all agree that nyx ss restriction is deserved , but i think you forgot this one also high speed and can instantly send back from first turn whithout restriction

Finally my Lilithia will oneshot even boosted cynthia :shushing_face:

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She was already completely wrecked by repulse, so I don’t think it makes any difference. All the change does is buff her. If she would be repulsed and be complete deadweight she can kill herself with the ritual move (just don’t use all 5 beforehand).

This update is the Lilithia update lol, she’s pretty insane now. I don’t know why they made her sleep immune!

100% this. The restriction to instant sendback made complete sense to do, but the fermata change did nothing!

In general…
Lots of nice little changes to monsters across the board. I’m especially glad to see a suitable nerf to Mapledragon because right now it’s like a top-end legendary but only for 10 cost.

Pretty sure coltraz has said million things about nyx and lilithia to vkc :joy:

They changed the name to “EX” which usually has no restriction

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Damn thats messed up

I would never ask (or even dream that something like this today could happen) for anything more for Lilithia because she was already great in my view and I wanted to have her since her previous passive change. Haven’t used her last month at all due to trying to run Mizu and right now that unnecessary boost only make her the ultimate support-sweeper combo.

As for Nyx - that update changes absolute nothing, I think I used fermata TWICE maybe in 2 or 3 matches out of 1000 I played with my Nyx team. That instant sendback change doesn’t affect it too much either.

@Unown you should be happy that you got Void nerfed for no reason (it was already clunky and not that great in PvP). I guess they went the same route as Momo Redybug, nerfing the wrong thing.