New Monster Balance Discussion

Let’s talk about it.

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Hisky is useful again he got show of daunt its great

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Arobor has become uc material :skull_and_crossbones:


My personal opinion on it:

What a trash update. Very dissapointed in Devs not listening to our suggestions for months regarding some monsters changed today.

Let’s break it down:

HongHua → still trash - her worst skill was that awful passive and now you just take the + from it so it won’t kill tokens but it will kill her copies that could be done with cloning monsters.
Her changes do not give her any survivabilaty, so she is as bad as she was - Blazing Arabesque is a ■■■■■■■ joke (85tu skill to push enemies not in stealth for 10tu). I want to delete her now to not look at her anymore.

Luna → they just gave her HG without calling it HG and 5x 42tu full heal. Will it make her usable now? Hard to tell. We will see. Propably up a tier.

F.D. Maeve → recently they destroyed her SS that was her biggest asset, so now they lower her cost since she is now nowhere at the power level she used to be. (We asked for some tu changes to her SS, they just make it hard to use in PvP)

Voidress → congrats to people who asked for power slash takedown - now you got a decent anti waifu mythic with camouflage and geat speed. Eclipse could not kill boosted Iride, but now thanks to making hp boost trash for mythics it does not matter anyway.

Bridalith → she was nowhere to be seen, I don’t think Toxic Rebirth was the issue with her lmao.

Atlanchia → one of the best designs in game finally got some love but it was short and meaningless.

Lime → same situation as above.

Huskegon → lazy change to make him now fit into the “one stun at a time” reality we have now.

Mantiferno → why? Let’s guess… for months you were putting out waifus one by one, so now you got to deal with it by making Man-Eater on high speed monsters. Just give him roaring entrance at this point LMAO.

E.D. monsters → it’s basically now on the power level of C.W. ones. Meh…

@DMGInterference Unexpected Arborgias buff :joy::joy:

@Coltraz try to be less toxic. There are many steps in the right direction in this update!


Cool update , thank you devs

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Show me those steps. Are we supposed to wait another 6 months for any meaningful changes?

Im so happy i got my old end game back again this great thanks devs💜

I don’t think this update is bad at all. My only issue is that high speed mythics suffer from the 50% discount hp boost. They could’ve put the boosts 1000,2000 and 3000 instead.

Try to take your S+ PvP monster glasses off and you start seeing them.


Voidress just got the best move it could , thanks devs finnaly a good anti ■■■■ mythic


I don’t like this update so let me whine about it

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It would be difficult to talk about all the updates, so I will write about some of the updates that I found interesting.

■Voidress :Interesting reinforcement
Currently, it is a Waifu environment, so I think this change can be said to have been strengthened. I think this will be used more frequently than before.

■Mantiferno :I have some doubts as to whether the reinforcement is necessary.
I think it’s pure reinforcement.
Since his skills are strong, I doubt whether he needed to be strengthened.

■Husking/Huskegon :Strengthening that is not considered enough
Show of power is 80tu. Show of Might is 110tu.
Show of Might also has sleep, but I don’t think 40tu is worth the effect at 110tu. It also feels strange that each one is the same 40tu. Basically, Awaken should be stronger.

■HP Boost :I wonder if they took into account avid players.
I don’t know whether grading is a good or bad idea, but I thought it was an interesting idea. However, setting Mythic to 500 feels strange.
It takes time to boost the basic hand, but I think the avid players worked hard to boost SE’s BQ. That effort was to increase HP by 1000, so changing it to 500 seems to be ignoring their efforts.

■HongHua :Insufficient changes?
I think users should not hatch monsters they think are weak. Therefore, since this monster was garbage at first, users should not have to hatch it, but I am concerned that it is an 8th anniversary monster.
Beginners can’t make accurate judgments, so I’m guessing that there are a certain number of beginners who hatched because of the 8th anniversary.
Developers might want to avoid disappointment when they figure out exactly what this monster is…

You also sleep it is fine

Voidress buff is awesome tho

Maeve’s secret skill is still ruined. @Dev_VKC all it needed was to make it so you need to wait 50/100 TU to activate her passive since start of turn/game.

Voidress gonna be amazing!!! It’s going to be everywhere now I think.


Voidress gets her human kind of head from eating all those waifus . Fitting move !


I Saw this is kinda funny. And no Xyz buff🥲

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Kuraokami is also crying in a corner

There’s a guy using a dope Kuraokami link water setup you should check him out :skull:

Never saw him

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