few nerf / buff suggestions

Nerf/buff suggestions of some monster that I have been using.

  1. Put conditions on few low tu move that they will not be affected/ less affected by potions. (No way any move below 50 tu like quick draw, in the zone require further tu reduction.

1 Cynthia - make her mark her incoming ally too. Maybe that wil discourage her use with neferedon

2 moku - using special skill kill him. Or atleast increase its tu

3 vainess- gigalux Is too usless on her second form. I understand it is supposed to be a challenge to charge her bloodbath But still we have way better aoe like moku,nova( they have better tu, can bypass hg/shield and don’t need 6*sacrifice.imo Her design (art) is best in the whole game pls make her little more viable, so many people have her but I hardly see anyone running her🥺

4 torazou - pls let me use in the zone to collect hg kill. Collecting 5 kill with him is too much. Maybe put use limit on that move so he cannot wipe the whole team once charged or maybe increase it tu a little with every use.

5 lemon - maybe put condition on her fairy dust that she will die in X number of tu if no single monster in the field is sleeping. She has fairy kiss and solo sleep so imo that will make battle interesting with her. Most the changes people suggest in her nerf thread will weaken her signaficantly. No one will use her after that(at least not me). Their is hardly any other sleeping mon people use even tho their are so many sleep legendary. That’s cus their is more than enough hard counters + RNG factor.(#makeNeoSleepAgain)

6 prismpaw - I believe his rainbow design demands linker passive :green_heart: :blue_heart: :heart: :yellow_heart: :black_heart: :orange_heart:.still Bear brigade is cool enough tho.


There’s no way devs would buff any second form myths.So that suggestion is useless.And vainess is plenty good as a sec form and its supposed to be used in pve.

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Thats a interesting idea

No way it’s the people’s mon

There are many nerf options for her and this is good but Cynthia is supposed to be used with nef.So there’s something which needs to be done to that combo in PvP specifically.

Gawd yes that’s the best buff it can get.Maybe it can be if the move isn’t charged then it’s 60tu or stuff like that

Lemon…i dunno people are running poison endgame now so dunno about that

I Don’t understand what you meant for prismegus

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Sorry it was a typo. I meant prismpaw😅

I think the best solution in this case would be to just increase the seconds of the low seconds moves that are problematic

Agreed, that was the only thing I could come up with when discussing a Cynthia nerf

Both sound nice, I agree Moku is a very low risk-extremely high reward monster

As @BlazingStorm said, very unlikely they’ll actively make a second form mythic as palatable as a final form one. You should be rooting to awaken a Mythic, not to have it 6★. Plus Ritual VI is an excellent PvE move

I think that In The Zone could deal 1 damage when <5 kills

I have no strong opinion on the last two

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They recently replaced many such moves with counter strike and elements massacare. So maybe there is still hope. Also I don’t think move like elemental massacare etc wil make her broken or in anyway equivalent to her final form.(Nor do I think I will ever be able to awaken any mythic)

That will increase dependency on potions too much. Potions can provide more than enough advantage. They should not further help to make broken monsters even more broken. Many strong 50tu mons become unfair beacause few people are running it on 40 tu.

It’s better to just nerf nefarion. There are plenty of ideas already around that will do the job.

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I’d agree on that if a 50sec move suddenly became 200sec, but going from 50sec to 70sec will hardly make potions an indispensable resource you’ll depend on in order to win.

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nah cynthia on her own is still extremely strong. quick draw needs a nerf too and unlike ahuizard’s throw, this one requires no sacrifice and don’t you start with “don’t compare a mythic to a SE” because I was merely comparing the moves. I don’t think there is any legendary/mythic that does same amount of damage as Raw Throw/Quick Draw so I compared these two moves. low TU single target moves are so much stronger than double target moves right now and that is to control the opponent.

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Love this,so milgon and exocross will more usable now. (btw I have idea if mark field or mark trigger have time restriction 100sec maybe)

I will agree if mojimojiha z have time restriction since first time of battle 250 sec maybe?

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I believe you are confusing mojimojiha with mojimojiha z(ss). His ss can only be used at the end game when no reinforcement is coming. So 250 sec restriction on ss won’t do anything.

I know,I have him,but I think gave time restriction for ss is better.250 sec since first time of battle just comparasion.100 sec restriction is not bad too

Padrinorca exists


It won’t get nerfs anymore


The fact this is absolutely true is even worse

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This is just too crazy my friend. You certainly hate the monster.

Vainess 2nd form is perfect the way it is. Powerful enough for a second form mythic. Compare her to other 2nd form mythics and you’ll see her well balanced. She certainly shines more in pve; there you’ll see many people running her. Btw, I’m glad you to be a fan of hers too!

Also, I think Cynthia marking allies would kill her. That’s too much. Making purify to remove marks is the best thing I’ve heard so far

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…combo with Nefariodon. She’d still be very viable by herself or with other Mark monsters. With Cynthia, they enter the field already setup: they just have to get a turn to start destroying.

The only Mark monster that would benefit from Mark Field All would be Milgon: Nefariodon would be a much more high risk/high reward strategy.
Not to mention it would require a much more careful setup of the monsters entering the field after Nefariodon, since they may enter the field all at once due to Mark Trigger.

I bet we’d see it way less often but the actually competent players will be able to put it to good use nevertheless.


She is not really that useful with other mark mons even if she gets mark all. Milgon has high tu skill set and…her quick draw has a restriction…

Though consider that Mark monsters, being immune to Poison, combo better with Dusicyon: Auto Poison can’t stop them. Plus they don’t have any killer weakness (excluding Marrowdrake)!

They look like just the type of monsters that benefit from Shield Field, the slow monsters that need just a little help to get a turn

Well, that’s true

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