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Hello everyone

I want us to make a big thread that will serve as a reminder to the dev about the things that concern the Neo community and that we suggest they be addressed in the next update if possible , so without any more time to waste here we go
1- Camilla: This girl needs a control now. It’s completely broken, we need an incredibly high amount of damage to just get it out of its defensive mode, damage that almost no monster is able to do on its own, so most of the time you need to use 2-3 minimum attacks, and she only needs 42 TU to fully slice and retrigger the passive, she doesn’t even have a heal cap so she can keep spam healing as she pleases until she can line up and attack as she pleases with multiple sweep options( 1 piercing move from one use, confidence double blow and a rain of blood another sweep option that also heals him as well). The fact that she is weak to stuns, dreams and poison doesn’t help too much because she is incredibly tanky. I understand that this is bad for the owners of this monster but this really ruins the pvp experience.

2- Maeve: Definitely the nerf she received was a step forward but not enough. It is clear that we don’t want to make the monster useless but if it needs to balance, each monster in this game is meant to fulfill an objective or counter some kind of strategy, for example Maebe we want it to be very strong against monsters with revenge (nullifying blow) it needs be very strong and do critical damage against vengeful monsters, you have to stop killing everything like that, incredibly tanky monsters without vengeances are dying with this hit, I think it should be changed to do medium damage to non-vengeful things, something like two shots to sweep, which won’t be too much of a problem for her because she can still use denials if she needs to take something down right away. The fact that she needs two hits to kill things without revenge won’t be too much as her fds create the perfect support to speed her up and donate turns to her, the latter creating a very troublesome AP spam loop. Otherwise make the SS a little less oppressive
Option 1 : Put a time restriction from the first turn ( If you think it is too much look at option 2 )
Option 2 : Make it only protect FD

3- Tokens: Here I am only referring to the tokens that cannot be removed with the token counters. (Yang and Moogong, the latter more understandable because it comes from a myth) It is not good that there are these types of tiles that cannot self-eliminate, it does not create a good experience because they are too abused. Just give a way to eliminate and all good, also make them Dusy’s food :wink:

4- Rocks: They are rocks please. Make them fall apart in a while. (I think that rock lock is an excellent strategy, I myself have run it successfully and precisely with that base I can say that it is quite controlling, I would say too much, it is not easy to run as everyone thinks but yes, in the right hands you are in trouble. My suggestion here is to keep the strategy, how when it came up, with petrified vendettas, that balances it out more, please don’t let Lunactia keep spamming free rocks, one at a time and it’ll be fine. Don’t kill rock lock, fix it.( Also please don’t destroy Nauti he has a very interesting set, the problem is how oppressive the rocks are not the , nothing gives you that much time to set it up besides rock lock , though if you need to limit the call I think 10 uses will be good)
5- Stum: Stun teams are running successfully all over the place and stun pulses are still crying out in corners when they were the smallest and least oppressive part of the issue, they were hit the hardest. I suggest once again reversing the nerf or al least perform a TU reduction from 100 to 70 (85 to 59).

6- Jurlungur: Just check this boy’s Ss at least give him a time restriction.

Other suggestions

Add button to run on opponent’s turn
Add button to claim everything in daily rewards
Easier to move around in the different game rooms
And finally add the clans already please :raised_hands:

What do you think , feel free to argue or add something that you think has been left out . Regards


Field monster. I hope they make specific counter for this monster . No way we can comeback from monster like sakuralisk, Bastia and kanna when they are already in field . Expect we hardly countered them . :sweat:

About leira, maybe we can change moogong to seaspine (life flip + reckless attack ,but without passive)

Button to full pot our monster If we have enough potion ( I try to pot every monster on island But I am to lazy )
Button to give full training If we have enough fruit .


interesting proposal friend

Just to add, surely the Devs want this monster to remain a protector, but it’s a good idea, maybe another monster or a rework of Moogong


Skeleviathan should lose petrifying revenge entirely. Nerfing that along with lunactia should make rock lock balanced and it won’t even be necessary to make rockoids die after a certain amount of time. Also nauticruiser isn’t even that good outside a few problematic setups. It’s simply a scapegoat for all the other rock lock users who have large enough collections to run better stuff.


This applies to rocks too. Being the only token that multiple monsters can give you and no way to kill themselves off creates a very broken infinite time to setup anything you like (10000 charges on deodragon if you will (dunno why anyone would do it tho), doesn’t matter because there’s no way to stop it from happening with rocks that will never die)

Another thing I’d add is that kanna blocks all secret skills except for kanna herself. This passive is among the most broken passives just because it’s one sided. This type of restriction means you have to build around her, similar to bastia, and not just slap her into a team.

(also please buff majorie. Here’s some majorie hypetrain:


totally agree. Hence my suggestion for rockoid to die in an allotted amount of time, crumble!! . but a move to self-sacrifice him would be nice too

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I love everything suggested in the first post except for 5 and 6. What I really love is these suggestions are about making the game more enjoyable.

As for Kanna, I’d like to see secret seal work for the whole battlefield except mortar monsters. It’s easy enough to build around that, either with monsters that don’t need their SS or mortar. What’s nice is you’ll also have lower team cost in a Kanna setup so you can have stronger monsters later in the team.


Boxchomps also need to be balanced, they still deal an incredible damage, and the possibility to give so easily a third one is very dangerous.

Mapledragon as well need a rework, the entrance is crazy and sleep spam/GT makes it a cheap option to save cost.

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I’ve been thinking about this for long time and I think the best solution is for Kanna to block all SS but changing Revival Mortar with “Unlock Secret Skill”

Unlock Secret Skill 42 TU: This skill targets an ally, and unlocks the secret skill for that ally while Secret Seal is active.


What i want beside all is : kana , nauticruiser, roccolus , shiledragon , loses tracking and the ability to bypasse AP while you are using AP in your team, its insane and make nooo sens at all , its like using RAW moves with a protector in your team , maeve and suikenshi and ophifiator can be excluded , because its a passive , but can we make those monsters lose tracking and cant bypass protection while you are using , then gaining it back if you dont , i think this may be a good step to nerf rocklock

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I was thinking about that tooo , that passive is broken

Revival mortar is the most interesting move she has! The “not stun” move is the pointless one. Why push something out of play when you can piercing kill it for lower TU :S

So Rocco can only load mortar? Just don’t use so many protectors, they’re fine as a counter to protectors. If their use with rocklock bothers you then ask yourself what the problem is… the monsters built to counter protectors or the monsters enabling the strategy of locking the opponent permanently out of the game?


Yes I know is good especially in PvE but is abusable in PvP.
That’s my only issue with that.

Hi everyone :wave:
I’d like to make a suggestion too. I’ve noticed the skill “Link stealthbane all” (don’t know if this is the correct translation of the name) does not deal enough damage when comparing it’s complexity lvl with other AoE skills and the current meta (I mean, since the origin of mytics).
I was not playing back then, but I believe this skill was originally thought to face legendaries, and therefore it’s damage, between 4200 and 450, was fine.
If we analyze this a bit, we could see that a skill like this, tight to three conditions (Link+stealth on the monster+more cost because it’s an SS), should do a little more damage; maybe just enough to kill the less tankier mythics.
Simpler skills like Desperate strike all or Slayerbane all (with two kills on the rival team) already do a lot more damage with less complexity and also does the skill Stealthbane by itself.
It’d be nice to see an update on this skill.


Soooo you ignored every logical stuffs i said and went directly to the points where it will look that i made a monster useless , is it fair for you to be able to bypass protection while you are using ??? , even if its not rocklock this seems , also you didnt even understand my suggestion , if you are using Rocco with a protector you still can use piercing motar butttt it will loose focus it wont be able to bypass opponent protection , but when you dont you can .

Slayerbane all deals less damage. Link slayerbane has a big restriction now (100s from first turn).

Desperate all is also weaker. The monster with it has high attack. It also requires a specific setup and is risky if you want to pull it off on the first turn. In practice, desperate moves are meant to be used after enemies have hit the monster to low HP so it’s not something you can actively set up easily.

Link sneak attack all (the move you’re talking about) can be used on the first turn and is mostly up to your own team for setting it up, which gives it big potential. It can also get set up over and over, if it’s being disrupted (unlike desperate all). It’s balanced by the damage not being crazy and it being easy to disrupt if given a chance.

I think it’s quite balanced. We have a lot more foggy entrance monsters now which can threaten to use it over and over.

You’re right, sorry. I misunderstood the first bit you said (it wasn’t particularly clear) and the block of text made my eyes blur the end of it so I didn’t read the good clarification you wrote. It’s a fair suggestion, but I also think the more important point is the one I made about rocklock enablers being the problem.

As for your question… no I don’t think there’s anything intrinsically wrong with “tracking” moves. I think they’re perfectly fine, but the Devs should be careful about adding tracking to generalist, powerful monsters (e.g. like Suikenshi) because it will actually make protectors stronger rather than weaker. Tracking should be considered a strong bonus for a monster to have. Something like Rocolossus is more balanced because it’s slow to attack at first. So far, they’ve been careful adding tracking only to monsters like that (plus Suikenshi who has it to make him special).

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@Dev_VKC one more suggestion from this faithful servant, we can renew add modify the music of the game. Many users remain silent about this and to tell the truth, I don’t think you want to let it be so :pray:. Regards


I agree with this 100%. I have my game on silent most of the time bc the music is boring lol

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Yeah, and add some monsters to the Title screen, its kinda just too plain to me

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