What do you want to see in the new update?

My wish list is

Stun revenge monsters looked at. Especially Zib.
4 star starter’s speed lowered.
Cyclo and Terror passives.
Def or HP reduction in Duscy so that it only takes 3 attacks to kill, not 4.
Any buff to stealth mons :partying_face:
Goldoid’s respawn capped at maybe 3 or it can’t revive unless it has reinforcements

What are yours?


shocking revenge

I think those are all really good suggestions. I’d like a pity timer for egg hatches and an alternative way to awaken mythics.

Change the First ones more actively. Atra need Stun immu, Ziber removes stun revenge, Death retule, adds Blood move. Terra, Raizen, Ziber increase ATK.

In terms of mythic, I want to reconsider Bastia, I should at least reduce Def by a bit so I can kill her with 3 kills. Voidress changes ritual al to backstab (my own opinion :grinning::grinning::grinning:)

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Oh yeah Bastia is obvious. Whoever said shocking revenge is a madman. Get Rid of it

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True hit should be reduced from 160 to 130 seconds or skip Hold / shiled. Trie hit itself is restricted when the user is not protected. I think it should be a little buff to add 1 anti Protect spam

A súper epic whit counter stum :heart_eyes:

Poor all new players

Canishogun rate drops to zero

Jokes aside I’d like one of these things to happen:
-) Rexotyrant and Kamishogun reworked
-) unique movesets for some 4★ and 5★ monsters that exist from release
-) make Stun Revenge single/double target and said target(s) can be chosen upon death
-) give Amalgamon Stun Absorber + Stun Converter
-) make Arboribratus’ Tree Rot 30 TU and not 1 TU
-) more clothes on Bastia
-) new maps to roam


Careful, nerf Bastia too much and that DLGZ whale will cry some more.

More Super Epic evolutions for island monsters.

I want to see Rexotyrant get a new passive or replacement move for Sudden Death along with Kamishogun.

I would like to see something done towards Dusicyon. AP Spam is just ridiculous right now.

I want Terrordragon to have something updated with him, whether it’s an actual passive or POSSSIBLY a speed increase.

I would like Death Revenge to bypass Shields

A mythic potion

do you hate Metatherion?

novablast for utopion

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Stun Converter*

I want bloom bastia and santistag deleted from the game :grin:

What I want:

  1. A way for F2P to awaken a mythic without having to spend 8 months saving gems.

  2. Less of a focus on oversexualized females of varying ages.

  3. A large slew of nerfs to every monster in the game right now such that they are all on a reasonable power level for their star level, with a future emphasis on keeping things incomperable, rather then having things step on the design space of other monsters.

  4. Making people not regret purchasing things post-nerfs.

Of course these things would make the whole playerbase happy, so they won’t happen.


Not by much. Maybe 8% :man_shrugging:t2: