Stegospike not so OP

Ok so I don’t think stegospike needs to be nerfed…or maybe just a little. First of all it is not very hard to defeat and can be brought down by a earth ark. Secondly it’s an egg only ark and majority if it’s users are cheaters ( banned in the next update) so not many people will have it. Thirdly come on it’s stun is only to one enemy it’s not as if it’s targeted to all enemies. Any thoughts? I have it and my strategy has been beaten 80% of the time, just saying

Actually, I agree (I’ve changed my mind from before, for all you people accusing me of having a double standard…). 

I’ve been saying that for a while.

So yes, I agree.

Pretty soon, people will be asking to nerf Kamiwyrm, Cryowyrm, Cyberwyrm, Triphoon, Gaurdiron, and EVERY other strong monster. They are tough to beat, but it’s possible. Sheesh.

Yea That’s quite true. tbh, sometimes guys claim to nerf monsters simply because they do not have one and lack of stragety. there is selffish factor inside :smiley:

That’s the challenge, to get them also to find a way to beat them. What is the point if all are same ?

agree with this post 100% ppl need to think strategy 


To me all monsters are balanced , but once someone gets slaughtered by a good strat that succeeds , first thing they gonna say " tht ark is OP , he needs to get nerfed " give me a break .

Glad to see many people agree with me :slight_smile: and stegospike is a 9 star ark after all, they can’t make it such that it’s only worth less than that, for an egg only ark

I’m sure it has alread been said that it WILL be getting changed in the update - with that being said I do think it needs altering even if it is only a little, without the 3 fusion Arks I use to beat them, I’d have given up PVP along time ago. Sadly this means having them in my party 24/7 for when it pops up.
But hey, that’s just my opinion and I suppose if I had one I’d agree with you - but as most people don’t then it really is a pain to kill especially when in a stun team.

I’m sure it’s going to vs altered in the next update, and I know there’s nothing to stop it from happening but just saying I want to be altered in such a way that it is not so overused in pvp, but still keeps the essence of it. Get the idea? So I’m suggesting you take out the electrocute, keep payback and maybe add two more moves that can stun so that the main idea of stegospike still exists. Cos really, if stegospike has mediocre stun moves,( moves that only stun for 50 TU and not even 100% hit) stegospike shouldn’t even be an egg only ark. All this is just opinion, of course if u want to completely nerf it, I can’t do anything

Stegospike will most likely be an online mission arkadion, like Destructor and Minoblast. Getting rid of its effective stunning skills renders it useless. It would be as good as a Kentucky. Whoo, an online mission for an arkadion as good as a 2.5 star…yay!

…hmph. The fact of the matter is, the majority of the players need to stop complaining. They lose to a good strategy…duh. That’s what good strategies are meant for. Can’t complain. I’ve beaten Stegospike teams many times. I have almost lost several times with my Stegospike teams as well. It’s entirely possible to overcome. When I battle Ashie with my Stego team, she beats me over 85% of the time. So yeah…nothing needs nerfing in my opinion.

Ofc, it’s already been stated that Stegospike would be changed in the next update…oh well, hope it’s not too drastic. I’m a lazy kid, and I don’t want to have to change my team if it isn’t necessary.

The problem with Stegospike is that no one has it except those who got it from the eggs, and that’s the only way you can get it for now. I’m pretty sure that if Omegawyrm was an egg-only Arkadion there would be people saying it’s OP.

And those who ha ck it, of course. I mean almost 80% of the people I see with it are ha ckers that have kamiwyrm and such, not saying everyone with stegospike is a ha cker, but when the ha ckers are banned in the next update people will see less of stegospike and hopefully won’t complain about it being too op and such

I disagree I just fought one guy and with just gremknight charcalynx and stegospike he decimated my entire team cause I couldn’t get a shot off! Dont get me wrong I’m all for strong monsters but three arks should not be able to decimate an entire team like that and It’s not like I have a weak monsters either most my team is 9 plus star monsters


But anyway, the combination of the three is VERY hard to beat and you do have to hope that the person playing the combo makes a mistake.

Its not really stegospike that needs to be changed. In my opinion its more about the time units when one of your arks dies. Like draco17 said, 3 arks can take out a whole team. When all 3 of my arks are around time unit 600-1000, then they get killed by charcalynx, the new arks that come in are still at time unit more than 600, so i still never get to even make a move. Its not about strategy when all my arks die and i only made one move the entire match. Someone needs to figure this out.

I agree when it comes to that set up of charcalynx and stegospike not allowing you to attack. Ive fought a friend that has them trying to get around it but i couldnt do a thing. Once it started and i got a hit or two in i just had to pray for luck to take at least one out. Didnt happen very much at all either. Seems practically unstoppable

Wait what? I think this must be a glitch or something. When I battle with this strategy or against it, when the monsters come out they are Around 60-70 TU depending on their speed. As for this combo being difficult, you’ll need to have both stegospike and charcalynx to even use it, it’s quite hard trying to get them, really. Majority of the people using it are ha ckers, so this strategy will probably not be used that much in the next update, where stegospike will be nerfed too.

New arks cannot come in at 600 TU, that’s weird.

And yeah, Stego is getting nerfed anyways. Oh well.

Besides, there are many strategies that are as good as stego+charca+haste…and a few that are better.