Stun needs to get nerfed

Its not fun and incredibly unbalanced. There are match where you are stunned from the beginning til the end. It needs to have diminishing returns ASAP. What at complete mess pvp is.

In PvP? I’m not sure how that’s possible; isn’t stormfox the only flash bomb arkadion? And even if you used stun gift, you’re bound to get enough turns to kill the stun arkadions.

Alternatively, you can use a puffoxin or a stun skin monster. Puffoxin kills the thing that kills it and stun skin monsters stuns the entire opponent party when it’s killed. I believe there is a slight chance both of these won’t activate however.

In PvE? Haha, I totally agree with you. It’s crazy to see those stormfoxes just spam flash bomb over and over again. I wish they could implement perhaps a % on how much the opponent uses flash bomb. Maybe like 10-20%?

It depends on the situation and how much it’s taken you down

I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’ve fought that stun strategy many times now. It really is annoying, so I know why you’re saying this.

With that being said, most of the time I manage to win even without using the strategy myself. It is possible to win, it’s just not easy. Think strategically :slight_smile:

stormfox and raijin can use flash bomb…i agree that it does be annoying at times, but eh not much people use them so it shouldn’t be that bad in the PVP

A stun strategist myself. There are tonnes of ways to play it but I can tell you that stun skin or puffoxin is not the right way to handle it. This will work against don penguini/stun play but not for stun plays with an anchor ark. For me to pull off my combo to not allow a player a single turn post mid game takes planning and right conditions have to be met.

Few issues on puffoxin. It hits random not the 1 that kills. Some arks stun skin affects a single ark upon death and not the whole team.

My own biased opinion. Stun need not be nerfed. Stun moves don’t hit 100% (like my shockwave for stormfox will deal stun in about 1 in 3 attacks) unless it is stun skin/ flash / stun gift. In these cases I lose an ark and should be compensated.

Stego should be nerf since it is hard to kill plus it hits 100% without dying. Imagine BA with stego is going to be a nightmare.

I feel stun brings a good balance in pvp (only feasible strategy other than having OP). If I can win pretty constantly with host of small stun arks averaging 4 stars then pvp won’t just be a place where only the OP players win.

My biased 2 cents on this issue

You have to use flashbomb wisely…yes you do lose an ark but in return you get a chance to take down 3 arks.

Stego is a good wall but not hard to kill since its a dragon (destructor)

the best way to stun imo is use flash bombs

Stego needs to be nerfed. No discussion needed.

A Stego, Charc, Halopard combo just demolished my entire team. Tisk tisk

I agree with the above. The ones who sacrifes itselfs and are easy to get are no problem, some people have 2-3 arks that singel target stun like stego. Just add diminishing returns,

1 stun 100% duration, second 50%, 3rd immune.

Sorry, I am an amateur at battling. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you for the explanation, Bahiew!

Though I forgot to mention, puffoxin’s death kill doesn’t work if you poison it to death. So that’s one way to battle puffoxin.

And stun skin doesn’t work if you poison it either.

The issue about stegospike is actually reported as a bug. They are working on it, but for now…

Use saphireon

THE salt lol

What bothers me is the extreme centralization of the metagame. It really needs to get more diverse… we need a strong Arkadian with a stun immunity to shift team compositions. 

Pokemon has one of the most diverse and enduring metagames available; it’s enormously interesting because so many team comps are viable. Everything has a counter; at the moment, Hunter Island has no hard counters to popular strategies. That probably needs to be fixed. The system (with a long line up, TU’s, etc.) is INGENIUS- I trust the devs to make it live up to its potential. :slight_smile:

I think Stego is alright the way it is…

Okay maybe I’m being a bit biased… I was so excited when I rolled it. xD

And I totally agree with you, Trotticus.

There are so many ways to beat so many strategies.

…haven’t found one that can beat a Stegospike+Rooknight+Angelon+Vegitiger combo.

Stegospike is NOT alright as it is, 100% success rate, 160 cost TU, delay target by a heavenly 200 TU!? Throw a haste at stegospikeand he can permastun whole enemy line up, and he is very tanky, destructor need to have 3 dragon in enemy active ark to 1 hit stegospike, even minoblast/magmawyrm/ventowyrm bloodmagic/throw attack CANNOT 1 hit stegospike

Stegospike is the ark that need to be nerfed down, hands down

On topic: stun strategy require timing and a bit of luck to fully activated, especially facing stegospike/enemy line up, and one, yes, one bonus action when they kill your stun skin ark will screw you bad, just saying, stun strategy is not -that- OP

Unless they changed Saphireon too, it should be able to kill stegospike easily.

Now if you don’t have saphireon… I don’t know what to do. So disregard this :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course saphireon is only good against stunners. Apparently it sucks by itself.

Personally, I’m also opposed to unreleased monsters (outside of eggs) being allowed in PvP… maybe because I’m godawful with the Egg spins, but it makes it very difficult when I don’t have access to pieces that could really expand my teambuilding options. 

As for Bonus Moves countering stun- Bonus Moves counter EVERYTHING, so it’s a moot point. Every strategy is thwarted by Bonus Moves at the wrong time for the wrong opposing Ark… they’re the equivalent of critical hits for Pokemon. Although crits were recently nerfed in Pokemon X/Y; I feel like Bonus Moves should be disabled in private matches (so Tournaments can involve minimal luck). 

That’s a very good idea, in my opinion

Absolutely agree with this, the game needs more strategic approaches as well as counters to those approaches. There’s certainly potential here for a very deep online game, but obviously since this app was dropped very recently they’re probably still working out the kinks and thinking about how to balance things. I suspect the next update will help, and the second will bring close to true balance

Stegospik’s stun move costed 200TU effects to 1 foe by 250TU, isn’t it?~~