Monsters that need to be re-balanced for PvP

Please list the monster and the reason why it needs to be re-balanced. 

Honestly I think the only monster in the game that needs balancing is stegospike. A guaranteed stun with no drawbacks is too strong, especially when stegospike ends up getting multiple bonus actions. The only other guaranteed stuns would be from flash bomb but at least the user has to sacrifice itself for it.

Charcalynx also needs to be rebalanced. No monster should be able to 1 hit kill your entire team before any of your monsters get to act. I suggest raising the TU cost on its bloodthirst ability so that even with haste it is above 80. That way, new monsters coming in will get a chance to go and the player using Charcalynx will need to be more strategic in keeping it alive. 

I agree with the above.
Personally Stegospike should have a Flash Bomb move with an 80% chance of sacrificing itself. That way he stays useful and unique.

Charcalynx should have its attack power higher however the bonus of 4900 need lowering to say 500% per enemy? (Random number) that way he also remains useful but needs to kill more before it can slaughter all 15 Arks. Plus a slight TU raise.

That’s just me though, don’t want to start a debate or anything :slight_smile:

stegospike is being toned down.

Charcalynx, is a hard one, isn’t he very hard to use without stegospike? i don’t really see it as a problem when its not used with stegospike…or am I missing something?

How about with a whole team of stun skins / flash bombs?

Yes and No.
The usual stun team will still give it a chance to kill, heightening its attack power and becoming very useful. Plus Guard can help a lot.
However without a stun team it depends on luck (opponents Ark close to death) which is why I suggested a slight power boost but less of a bonus upon a kill.
Strategy is the key :slight_smile:

With stego being toned down… I think charca will become obsolete in pvp… So my suggestion is if stego is being nerfed then charca needs to aquire a diff skill set… Otherwise it will probably be the most worthless egg only ark… I dont know i think egg only arks should be slightly more powerful or more strategic… Otherwise whats the point of having them and where is the incentive to purchase eggs and obtain them :slight_smile:

This is true… But a new problem arises with him almost becoming useless… Useless egg only arks are probably not the best idea

Not really , you can pair him up with vegy , & vegy normaily damages any dragain to about 1-5% health then charca can kill him aftewords :slight_smile:

Still 5% of any dragon will take a fair few hits for charca to kill it!.. And in that timeeeeee charca is gunna get hurt real bad (russell peters)

Nope not if nilo or moss is around ^.^

Moss is a very complicated ark to use and very situational and nilo would be another sacrifice… So lets do the math say we use up five arks to six arks to get charca that kill… With stego being nerfed what are the odds charca will be able to match the sacrificed arks in kills… Not very high if at all… Rendering him useless to pvp and pve… There goes an egg only ark might as well make him catchable and stego as well… I think the system was abused by hackers… Because getting a good stego charca combo is going to cost 20k in gold unless you are an egg timer and ill tell you there are really not that many that can time eggs that well

Can the betas mention unreleased arks that we feel need to be toned down?

^Probably. I wasn’t a beta, but…

I think that Scorpionix and Octoneer shouldn’t have their metal slashes do the bonus damage against all targets. Same thing for Destructor. Let’s say Monster A has an AoE attack called YOLO that does 100 damage, and +100% against popcorn. The opponent has monster B, C, and Popcorn. The attack should do 100 damage to B, 100 to C, and 200 to Popcorn…however, it does 200 to all of them.

So yeah…those three monsters should be powerful considering the amount of stars they have…so I would go for doing the above and also increasing the power. So instead of doing 100 damage and +100% to ALL of them…maybe 125 damage to all and +100% to just Popcorn.

That is true, Tiberius. That would be a fair nerf. Other than that, I don’t think beta monsters need any nerfs… they really should be powerful, that’s what makes them special. 

In other words…the other beta monsters suck unless you actually use strategy n.n


Personally, I’d love to see Stasis get nerfed. It would make my life easier xD

But it is not necessary.

I do agree with Charcalynx and Stegospike though.

I don’t think that nerf would hurt my team too much :slight_smile:


Umm…I vote for nerfing Kamiwyrm, Cryowyrm, Ironheart, Cyberwyrm, Octoneer, Scorpionix, and everything else on Ashley’s team plz.

Lol. I’m kidding, of course. The unreleased monsters are very well-done. Other than the Scorp/Octo/Destro thing, they are perfectly fine.

…oh, and now isn’t probably the time…and I’m not sure if it has been fixed…but Cruiserfish’s Holy Guard thingy…I think that was it…yeah…self-explanatory.

That one is on the fix list at the moment.

Alright, sweet. Thanks.

…anything else…hmm…this isn’t all about toning down…it’s also about bringing up…

Hydrablazer…compared to the other 11 stars, he’s not that great…I’m not asking for a huge boost to it…but maybe a tiny improvement of its stats and move damage? Like…a teeny amount? 11 stars should be strong, not average. Same goes for Gearwolf.

Ofc that’s just my opinion.