Someone is not keeping their promises

Dear @Dev_VKC

Sorry about what I am just going to do but I do not see any other solution but to expose you here in the community in order for you to take actions.

Some months ago I complained about not being able to use my 6 Stars tickets (which keep just growing in number), you said that I would be able to use them to buy new mythics from the shop.

Where are exactly those new mythics? I did not see a new mythic in the shop since August 2021, that is more than a year ago!

I am really so sorry to bring this up but, you need to do something, speak with the marketing team, as you said they are not likely to give us a conversion from 6 to 7S tickets.
Then you gotta release new monsters.
The situation is becoming fairly annoying for a big spender like me, and probably there is out there many other big spenders which they didn’t voice their disappointment.

I’ll be that voice.

I expect a public answer thank you.


Well the last mythic featured in shop was more than a year ago so i think they should add one .

Although I think the frequency of somewhat 1year is really good considering the fact that for a normal f2p it will take years to get that many tickets and it is somewhat of a P2w exclusive stuff

While we’re on the topic of the shop, it would be FANTASTIC to be able to use tickets on legends in special eggs for the life of the egg!!!


100%, even at a higher cost like someone in the past recommended, so it’s an option, but rolling will happen first 90% of the time. Say 18-20 tix

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Totally agree. Please listen to us :pleading_face: @Dev_VKC

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That’s a good idea


Cant we get to convert legendary potion into mythic potion ?




50 legendary tickets = 1 mythic ticket. It’s been long enough. Give it to us

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Im sorry its kinda late but, there is no new monster released since august 2021 ?

No new mythic buyable with legendary tickets, like Ankara and Iridescezarc. Monsters in general are still being produced: for example, Doomhoof and Akane were released two weeks ago.

Add a Jerbo Mythic.


This according to VKC would “ruin completely rare gems hatches” (I don’t see how, but are his words).
I discussed this in private message with him for long time, I am happy that finally someone is backing me up!!!

Again… According to VKC, “they are not likely to release this option” and I am happy again to have backup on the argument!

@Dev_VKC listen to the players, please!

Yeah. That’s also mandatory. :raised_hands:

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How would that ruin rare gem hatches tho? For the average player, that’s only attainable roughly once every 4-6 months with the tix acquired through login and pvp and events? And got even players like you, you’d end up running out of tix quickly if you tried to buy everything with tickets alone… 18-20 seems steep but a good final resort imo

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Buying legendaries from special egg with tickets (assuming that most people will go for S tiers or very strong Legendaries) making their desirable/tierwhore team and a bit later few people will start crying for nerfs (which happened with shop Legendaries) resulting in possible nerfs leaving people who bought them no choice but to complain to Devs for refund…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of those people who get 3-4 new legendaries a year and would love to have this feature but feels like adding new Shop mythics/a conversation will be way better.


At least give us 1ticket = 1legend pot conversion :pensive: