7 star tickets..

How do we get the 7 star tickets? Live events or someway else?

Hatching a copy of a mythic you already have 3 shards for. That’s the only way we’ve seen so far

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Offffffff friggin course :rage::rage: thanks

Mythics are for spenders but legendaries are the bread and butter of the game. They are plenty strong enough to beat all PvE content and easily beat mythics in most PvP scenarios. Don’t worry about it too much

That’s all well and good but I’ve only gotten 2 legendaries lmaoooo

And you’ve been playing… how long?

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If you have 2 legends why are you worried about mythics?

About a month or so. And because I’d like to have a mythic :thinking: I don’t see what the problem is with asking a question?

You don’t need 7★ tickets to get a mythic. You’ll eventually get one by hatching. You just need patience.

The problem isn’t asking a question, it’s the fact demanding a mythic is kinda entitled. Most mythics are this game’s cheat codes and they shouldn’t be THAT common to find.

I started like 2 or 3 months ago and I have 3 mythics from using gems only on festival eggs


Keep it up!


Thank you and it wouldnt be possible without all of you guys keeping the forum active :slight_smile: I understand theres a lot to learn from reading the forum so thank you for that too

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I’m not demanding anything I was just asking a question soóoooooo try again :man_shrugging:t3:

Let’s not get up in arms. They were all intended as honest questions going back and forth.

Awakened mythics are for spenders. That’s how it is right now and we’ve sadly just got to accept it.

I was not referring to your top post. I was referring to

which doesn’t look like a question to me.

I’m not saying you ARE entitled. Just that Mythics are very powerful monsters and you should NOT expect to find one easily.

Just be patient and invest some time in the game.

To be fair Interference, I think mentioning the word “entitled” or the phrase “demanding a mythic” was a huge stretch from what was actually being said. He asked about 7* tickets then was disappointed to find out mythics are out of reach and simply said he’d like to own one. THAT’s why he was reacting like that to your posts.

Miscommunication over the internet is so common. It’s a shame! Neither one of you intended to wind up the other.

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What made me think so was his first reply to the post. It’s an overreaction and made it seem a new player should have a mythic at all costs. And that’s kinda entitled.

Now I’m reconsidering it, I still think it was an overreaction but the reason behind it could’ve been the disappointment in finding out 7★ tickets are hidden behind a paywall… and I agree with him on this side. A big shame the way to the precious tickets is barred.

Yeah it looked more like a gut reaction of expressed disappointment. When you first saw it you read into it a lot more than it deserved!

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Was just curious as to if there was a way to get the tickets other than paying. Literally all I was asking wasn’t trying to seem “entitled” or “demanding” anything. I was just saying I would like to have a mythic what is so wrong with that? I’d be willing to gaurauntee that the majority of people playing this game would like to have one. I was just curious as to what ways you could go about getting one and didn’t need the extra ■■■■ just someone telling me that you had to pay was enough! Thanks :+1: both things I’ve posted on this board someone has smart ■■■ remarks to make so I reckon I will just leave this whole board alone :ok_hand::ok_hand: