Option to get a Legend Potion instead of 6* Ticket

I might be speaking for myself but I dought.

I really hate the fact that after all these years older players suffer from getting these useless 6* tickets instead of the older Legend Pot.

Can we please have the option when we hatch a dupe of a +9 monster.

Or maybe a option to trade in a 6* ticket for a Legend Pot?

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD


Can we please trade in useless mythics for a 7* ticket aswell? That would be awesome


Sad part is that you need to trade real 3 mythic monsters for 3 tickets to get actually one copy of anything :joy: this is such a pain in the a** :sweat_smile:

Yes. This!

Yes! Please! For god’s sake!

Oh I don’t mind trading my onyxia with its dupe to get two level 7 tickets.

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I’m glad I got 2 Midas dupes yesterday which resulted in 2 tickets !!
Dusci :star_struck:

So lucky man

Intention was to get infernicon , but dusci will do.

Yes but what if those 2 tickets got you a max myth

Don’t even :joy::joy:
After reading about what this company does to its creators, & how things are done, it’s pretty much gung ho, either you agree or you will be cut.

And these 7tickets will never be given away or featured.
All they care about is Money.

Also, I personally don’t care at all now (legit),

Playing e7 & investing my major time is better but sometimes the grind there is hard so need another let out, so neo is that, I even gave away free wins at ranking :joy: guy was at 9k needed a win to get Into top 50.

Enjoying is better than caring about this game.


Truer words can’t be said

Where can I read up on the company?

Phantom posted a link in basement

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You can also check out glass door for previous workers reviews

The fact that you guys (Lochi&Luffy) are still posting to the forum about how much less you care about the game shows you still care about the game. You still think about it aka you care.

It’s good that you have found better pastimes that you feel are worth your time more but honestly you don’t need to prove to anyone that you care or don’t care about the game. Same applies to everyone.

I post here cause I’m keeping in touch with players neo sucks full stop

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You Guys are being robbed by the worst game ever made but of course you morons deserve to be robbed


the devs marketing team should take time and look at games that work instead of robbing people for nothing


I agree most of your statements but calling us morons made actually my day :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: