Shop Update

I have a bunch of tickets that I have absolutely no use for. @Dev_VKC when will the shop be updated so that these don’t sit here anymore?


Weird flex, but ok :rofl:

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pretty sure donut asked for the same thing. squinty is just following the path of his idol.

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That’s how you know you’ve spent too much :slightly_smiling_face:

Not too much, just more than the game anticipated.

My guess is we’ll get another shop mythic at some point over the summer. I think that’s been the timing of them each year?

Just a question… if you awaken a shop mythic and decide to buy it again, will you get a 7star ticket?

U can’t buy

It actually blocks you from buying more than four?

Yeah dont89 tried it with the 6* tics mythic

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Sad… was hoping to get 7star tix so its back to buying other monsters then… haha