Devs (Legend Shop)


Can we have a Legend shop kind of like the Mythic one.

Where you would let us buy a Legend of our choice for 1 Mythic Ticket


Interesting idea and any new ideas are appreciated but unfortunately nobody will hear us or take it into account when thinking about innovations for the game. You will be remembered good idea. RiP


At this point might as well do this. Mythic tickets are so rare for some, at least let us use them for something useful if you ever get 1, not these boring ■■■ Mythic that are available in the shop.

I would trade most of them back just to have the equal value of tickets back. Not worth it

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We are currently working on something very similar to your suggest, trying to make some old Legendary monsters more accessible for all range of the players.


3 legendary potions to buy one of the old legendaries from a shop? Whatever it is, sounds good!

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If there are 9 bonus legends for 1 limit legend, I am also ready to buy it


As long as you can obtain the currency through events I’m completely on board with that


Forgot to login for nearly two days.
Could the timer of login be reset on a fixed time everyday like evertale? It is not a hard feature IMHO. What hinders you guys from doing this?