About new Mythic Shop, and 7 stars tickets

Hello everyone,

I was looking for some better information regard the new Mythic Shop.

For example is really not clear what will happen if you buy a already sharded mythic.
My XYZ has already 2 shards, if I buy the complete one will I lose the 2 shards of my original monster?

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The monsters shown are the final form, but from the shop you will receive the first form, which will then be fused with your original giving it a mythic shard and +3 bonus.

We will be adding text to clarify this.

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Perfect! Thanks for the clarification!

Will we see any mythic tickets added sparingly as a high level reward to any events?

Correct me if am wrong,

But what you are saying is:

You need 3 tickets to get one shard if i own the monster already.

3 ticket = 1 monster = 3 bonus = 1 shard

Look at the price.

Then ye ,3 tickets equal 1 shard

Buy ticket with money or gem, and How much ?

I just got one shard for three tickets.

I feel absolutely robbed!


:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

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I was thinking 1 ticket = 1 shard!

Sorry but this is not acceptable!

3 tickets = 1 shard… I can’t believe it!

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Nope thats perfectly fine, mythics should be really hard to obtain, stick with it

There’s a difference between hard to get, and completely absurd. This feels like the latter imo.


We haven’t even seen if there are gonna be 7 star ticket rewards. If so then this will be hard and not absurd

Sorry but if I hatch a Mythic I want a shard! Not a ticket!
How you will feel if you hatch a legend +9 and you don’t get the pot?! Is exactly the same!

Couldn’t care less

I am really disappointed!

I will contact the support, this is a big deal! And a waste of real money!

I am really curious to know if you couldn’t care less when you had so many monters to pot.

Still. If they hand out free 7 star tickets in events they cost no money