Small adjustments to monsters


Let ankou be backstabbed such that he ends up in your lineup instead of the opponent’s. In return, get rid of the link death sentence for ultrablight.


If this happened then there wouldn’t be a significant drawback in using ankou. Even though the placement is rng, you’ll still end up charging Geo, zib etc. in the process.

That passive is extremely strong. If you combine it with auro combos etc. you’ll have something pretty unhealthy. You can also keep backstabbing/canabalising to stop it dying permanently. This is why the devs treated it similarly to Reven.

Link death sentence is good. Promotes link and tbh is actually quite easy to pull off if you properly commit to link. Combine it with a gravity field mon and knockback isn’t a problem.

Overall, it’s fine as it is.


Link death sentence makes it so bad to use outside fl, and it’s too slow to be a fl monster.


Ankou needs a speed adjustment up. Hes too slow. And his revenge is random, messes up your combos, and frequently reincarnates in 12-15, too late to affect the battle. And when he does reincarnate hes so slow he never gets eternal revenge off.


@TheGreatest regardless of how confident, dare I say overconfident, your strike is, it will never kill an Oak


Gyo one shoted my full HP grovodeus with protect focus ON this is pure bs we are talking about a legend with 5800def+3700atk (9500def) the main counters of him need 2 sometimes 3 hits to kill him and then That fish comes in and one shot him like he was nothing
Does that sound balanced? @Dev_VKC


Bro I feel like Gyo has it out for you. Sorry, mate.


Overconfident strike ignores defence… Grovo has quite high speed (aka low health) so he can easily get killed by it. I know it feels rough though.


u didn’t get his point…
Let me translate: why should excessive power ignore defense?


It’s so we can get past walls in the game I say


noooo :frowning:


None non fire legend should pass this wall with only 1 hit (its 9500def god damn it)
Gyo unconfident crap needs balance right now its ridiculous he makes shadowyrm look crap and he should be the best counter of grovo


Shadow does not ignore def


A monster with excessive force does the same damage to a monster with 10 def and a monster with a 100000 def. It ignores it. The only thing that keeps your monster alive against excessive force is how much hp you got. Thats how it is, regardless gyo’s move / bb / peng or whatever hits your grovo. Shadowyrm doesnt have excessive force so it does less damage.


That still doesnt make any sense
Unconfident strike only cares about HP so iff it one shots mecha it 1 shop pretty much everything and defense is there to show off only


It don’t always one shot a lot of stuff I’ve had it fail multiple times actully every time


Against me he allways one shoted my monsters even with 70-80%hp he does the same damage has he had 100%hp quite ridiculous


That’s all rng this game has become more and more rng based I miss when the only rng in The game was the egg roll


Anyone remember when everyone was asking for excessive force for shadow and Kami? Fast forward to now, does anyone still think this would be good on them?


He’s got too much of a drawback already to use him effectively.

The only place he works is in the frontline. However, sticking him in the frontline means that you are restricting your teambuilding to 2 more shadow monsters, and the first 180 seconds of the fight you’re going to have dead weight in your frontline.

Using anywhere other than frontline is not even an option.

It having link is not about promoting link, is about balancing the monster.

Do you think that he as a limited measures up to malwing right now(aka, the monster that if you have it, you just stick it anywhere in your team in pvp because it at minimum generates 2 turn advantage every time it enters the field?)?

I think not. Let me backstab him.