Slayerbane all is broken

Ok I’ll put this simply. Why is peng, the monster who’s main gimmick is slayerbane all, the weakest monster with the move. I kid you not I used it when 2 enemies had a kill and half the team survived comfortably. Fire and dark. No element advantage. On the other hand, I had 1 kill and gyo entered and used link slayerbane all on my LIGHTNING TEAM and 1 shotted everything to hg. How is that fair? And don’t say because it’s a link move and peng has excessive force. Cus what’s the point of breaking hg if you can’t bring theor up that low in the first place! Please fix this somehow devs. Don’t you love peng? Do you really not respect him enough to make make him the worst at what his main gimmick is?

Did you keep track of potential stealth monster? Cause if one the monster who had kill was stealthed ( or has camo ) then the damage will be reduced.

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He did damage to everything. Just not much. By that I mean only 2/3 to some. He did manage to 1 shot chronotitan but he’s what we all know as a glass cannon

I noticed as well that the damage of slayerbane all is not as potent as before, maybe they secretly nerf it

It’s a good thing peng slayerall is like that. It’s gay losing because of a peng slayerall. It’s lame


Prisma/Gyo slayerbane all are way too powerful. In SCB only Sanctallion had 1-3 kills, then prisma 1 shots my whole team with link slayerbane all. This was in 3/1 so no buff. Similar stuff happened with Gyo too. These moves are too powerful.

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Cant say the same, the enemy pengs who i encountered this pvp managed to 1 shot my mons with 1 kiĺl.

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If it’s just one kill then Peng doesn’t one-shot. I can’t remember the exact damage… 2700 or 3200? Basically roughly 2/3 of the health off all legendaries. If their team has two kills then it one-shots them all. It does something like 6000-7000 damage so even one-shots earth monsters.

Prisma was hated by the community for a very long time. The Devs brought out the secret skill which people then continued to hate and moan about how low the damage was. The Devs buffed the damage and people still weren’t using it, they moaned the link requirement was too restrictive. So the Devs buffed the damage a second time! That’s why Prisma now does crazy damage with the secret skill. Gyomurai came after the second buff and I guess they decided to carry over the one-shot damage from the opponents having just one kill.

In the past people have still claimed Peng is “much better” because of the excessive force. I’m kinda glad to see people saying the opposite now!

Stupid Prisma owners…

That doesn’t help the problem peng is the worst at the 1 gimmick he was made for while 2 mons have it as a ss and it’s op as hell

Both those monsters require link teams


Last PvP pengs SBA wasnt 1-shotting even with multiple kills. But this PvP it has done amazing work.

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Really , now we calling out players .
You never used prismaryx before , if you had one you’ll know the pain,
And @Killerdog I would like to correct you, after prismaryx ss was buffed first time, me & @ILAGaLOT did the testing of it & it was really awful. It needed 2 or 3 kills from DIFFERENT monsters to wipe all 4 enemies.

Idk about anyone , but I started using prismaryx link move & damn its damage is beautiful, it’s a proper PvP legend now.
Same with gyomurai .

@Woodward the thing with your situation is, it’s rng straight & simple.
I know how you must’ve felt coz it cost you the game , I can assure you Peng is olrite, even it’s aoe has great damage !!

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That doesn’t change the fact that’s is the worst slayerbane all monster. And that’s his main gimmick! I’ve lost because of prism and gyo because I had 1 kill and yet I’ve also lost with peng cus the enemy had only 1 kill!

His only saving grace is bite.

Meanwhile link double retribution from emeral cant even take oak to hg :joy: he was so cool after is nerf to pvp

Nothing can take me to hg @Rctuga


As someone who is using the link DR a lot for emerald, i echo this. Basically its good for taking out the glass cannons - shadoe, cyclo, BB, most SEs. But it rarely gets more than 1 kill.

Luckily thats all you need for a quick bloodfury.

You are correct, I do not own him. However he’s always been a nuisance since I started playing in April 2017. I used him in Biweekly too. I don’t understand why link slayerbane all 1 shots ALL monsters when only ONE monster has kills. In my view that is OP.

Excessive Force is pretty awesome, what the other link slayerbaners don’t have.