Devs, can you stop this masquerade about slayerbane all!!!!

You can guess I’m very angry if you see the title don’t change it!!!the move says I have to kill at least 1 enemy to make this move active. But every time penguinator came in the game without I kill or I hit anyone he use it and destroy all your monsters. Whyyyy this is just ridiculous… Just because he is penguinayor he has the right to destroy your monsters just like that because it his turn to play !!!this must be changed. Slayerbane all must be active if only you kills a monster enemy and he is in the game not in the reinforcement!!!

Sorry I didn’t mean to beat you that bad bruh

Slayerbane all ONLY does insane damage iff your monsters have made at least 1 kill and are on field when peng comes in…true its a very annoying move but its easy to deal with

1 kill = 1 kill. doesnt matter if peng is on the field or not, or else slayerbane would be stupid, cuz peiple will just kill peng when he enters and take their time

The actual issue is that if you kill multiple monsters simultaneously, your rival’s monsters from reinforcement can use retribution moves, which is a re-tard-ed design. 

Using peng or others?cuz hg plays a role in that

There are quite a few imbalanced moves/monsters. Such as revenachion who can one-shot two monsters at a time with like no kills required and their rest time is so short after use. Or potent sleep that pretty much guarantees to sleep your monsters - it’s great against AI, etc. but when you play PvP. It creates a massive imbalance.

I know. I am not talking about the problem caused by delaying dies.

Reve isn’t op but is annoying if anything, but he is my favorite mon. Reve is countered by anything that ignores a shield now which there are 2. Also he either requires a kill (timestrike) or has to come back in which case he can be stunned slept or etc… at multiple stages. Peng can also be slept or stunned although a successful penguinator is a lot more rewarding and probably somewhat easy (unless you somehow manage a pullback on all monsters with kills.) than reve usually.

Stealth does wonders for shutting Penguinator down.

the move says I have to kill at least 1 enemy to make this move active. But every time penguinator came in the game without I kill or I hit anyone he use it and destroy all your monsters. Whyyyy this is just ridiculous…

It sounds like you’re misunderstanding the move. It’s not The Penguinator who needs the kill first, it’s whether any of the monsters Penguinator is hitting has got kills. E.g. If three of your monsters have 0 kills but one has killed 1 monster (bringing an opponent’s Penguinator in) then the Penguinator can attack you to deal good damage to your whole team.

In practice this means that almost every time Penguinator enters the battlefield he can do good damage the instant he gets a turn, since at least one of your monsters will have a kill already. The damage dealt by Penguinator is ~3000 if your team has only got 1 kill (i.e. not a one-shot) but becomes a guaranteed one-shot if your team has 2+ kills.

Stealth is one of the most effective ways to combat it. Stealth your team or simply stealth any monster of yours that has a kill, then slayerbane all will do pathetic damage if they stupidly still use it. But in general the best thing to do is make sure you can kill / sleep / stun the Penguinator within 80s of you killing off a monster and letting it enter the battlefield.

Call me a cheater all you like. I’ll gladly close the game when I’m in sleeplock. Screw that, I ain’t sitting around 10 minutes while you leisurely sleep, kill, sleep, kill… (boring but effective)

Likewise with the revenarchion. It’s pointless when you know there’s no chance to counter him once he does his first double kill. Delugazer is OK, cos he doesn’t have death revival. And Revenarchion’s egg form has shield, making it even harder to stop the cycle. Way overpowered.

Anything including poison removes the shield. After the shield it has a little over 1k health I believe. If reve kills itself with double bloodcrave it does not revive and the same if it dies by poison. Lower it’s health and either let it kill itself poison it or remove it in knockback, stun, sleep, etc… he really isn’t that bad. This is also getting off topic as this was about peng who can come in and just start killing unlike many others, requires priority before overwatch (autopoison helps vs this one), and also goes through HG via penetration. 

From my experience, reven’s biggest weakness by far is failing to get the necessary kill. He’s like rexo in that sense, but worse because he doesn’t have chrono killer or even sudden death as a fall back. So really the best way to counter reven is to prevent him from getting a kill at all costs, which isn’t too terribly hard to pull off.

Rev does not have double bloodcraeve. It has Revenant Strike that does no damage to itself like bloodthirst. Except Bloodthirst requires a kill. Revenant Strike requires it be reborn, no kills needed and it’s speed is ridiculously fast!..

He has revenant strike and double bloodcrave.

Revenarchion is fine as it is, and penguinator as well, he is weak to Chrono killer, stunnable, slow and weak to stealth. I think people should just learn how to deal with these monsters

Reven is good the only problem currently in the game is motor others are all good legends to semi good and then comes SE then epics and at the end its Cryo and sanctallion

If reven doesn’t kill anything it’s pretty useless, and once you know that you realise they’re always aiming to get it a kill with every single move. Deny it and you’re gucci.

Also slayerbane is calculated off of how many kills your monsters have. Penguinator’s is more powerful because it applies the kills your entire side has to each monster, so usually it gets 2 or 3 which is enough to kill. If you keep track of it and stealth the right monsters it does less or even no damage though.

I know how the move works. It’s my bad English. I didn’t say it well .