Probably the most broken move ever created.

Squinty and DLGZ xixi mentioned this monster. I didn’t pay attention to it until I saw it in action.

This move makes all the AP spam nerfs look like nothing. It single handedly wiped out all protectors in an instant. Made Nulltrons execute look like trash. Lol Devs you really went all out on AP spam. You didn’t nerf it you sucked the life out of it. Loool

If anything Nulltron should have it’s execute ignore shield and hold ground. This is even stronger than that idea. It simply destroys everything…Mythic protectors, everything!! They vanish. Sorry guys you went overboard with this one. I feel sorry for people who spent money on that new legend Protector that works with Oak. What a low move to nerf Oak and that Protector to hell, not long after featuring it.

I knew this was gonna happen that’s why I told boiler they are featuring Protectors in events before they nerf it to hell.

What about the people that spent money to awaken the mythic Protector? Nah screw them.

I don’t want this tree to be nerfed though. Bring it on! I already got it on +9


Yet you spent a majority of the post complaining about its brokenness.

All jokes aside, the insane tu for the move is probably what balances the sheer power of the move.

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You don’t get it. The TU is irrelevant. It gets a turn instantly. And is guaranteed a kill. It could be 2000 TU. No difference. Yes it’s broken and this post is making that point. I will have fun using it though. I also want this move to backfire on the games balance. Another reason I don’t want it nerfed. Devs went way over the top with this one. I will adapt.

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Ap spam killer


Before I’m told it only works against AP spam. A wall of protectors. Please note it’s blood move is charged from it as well. That has low TU.

Execute, execute charged. Will wreck Dolph as well.

Oh I do get what you’re talking about, I was merely thinking of why they would allow a move like this to be in the game. Protector Killer is pointless when people can get a monster that deletes protectors, gets a turn and charges up its blood move.

I will try it out in a LINK Shadow team; devs seems to be encouraging new players to go for it with all the free Shadow monsters they give us.

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No. You said the insane TU balances the sheer power. It doesn’t balance anything. You don’t get it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope you realize what an exposed tongue like that means to people like me…:joy:

And I said PROBABLY balances it, keyword probably.

Not even probably. Come back when you get it :yum::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By the way, they lower the myth cost, which means that the game has gradually become a numerical game rather than a strategy game.


Yeah I mentioned In the other thread that it’s not gonna be brains that win battles anymore but money. Lowering the cost shows very clearly the direction we are headed. It’s exponential at this point.

This monster seems broken when it’s in the ideal scenario but without 2+ protector targets it can’t do much at all. Two kills will not give enough damage to the blood move, only enough to two-shot, and it’s got a single-use sudden death to get just one kill.

AP spam wasn’t a fun experience for most of the community so I’m glad that alongside all the nerfs they added one monster which we all get and if AP spam is ever the meta it can be brought in to decimate it. Basically, it single-handedly stops AP span from ever being the meta and for that reason will always be a bench warmer for everyone in PvP.

What I’m excited about this monster for is PvE. Instantly killing protectors regardless of their buff will be super useful in some battles where there are too many protectors.


I like how predominantly offensive teams now have the edge on predominantly defensive ones, it will make matches faster in general


Overall though im glad all of you cowards will have to come out from behind your Duscy AP walls and face us like men


Just spread your protectors out and you won’t get steamrolled by him :stuck_out_tongue:

Real talk though, like KD said, using twig is a gamble just like robin has always been. If there’s protectors then excellent, if not then he can become quite a detriment to his own team. The devs knowingly made the rest of his moveset lackluster, even creating a brand new, extremely slow scaling blood move specifically for him lol. People are hardly gonna be motivated to use this guy all the time provided protectors aren’t too dominant, so don’t worry about having your protectors constantly chewed through. Plus time freeze stops this move from being used at all, so… yeah, use rega or huskie. This monster’s purpose is to be an ever present check on protector spam, making sure people aren’t using too many of them. It’s an intimidation tactic more than anything.

New meta, Rega and AP spam

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It doesnt work.

Ice feng got a huge buff.

His assisante now doesnt miss. And his raw repulse bypass protectors.

Is your autocorrect in Spanish @Mr.X ?


Btw want to add that the comparison to nulltron is a bit unfair mostly because null can kill anything that’s at low health, while twig can’t even attack at all if it’s not a protector. If there’s anything twig sucks at, it’s flexibility.