I am always a massive advocate for innovative team building. Recently i’ve been feeling like a lot of moves are outdated, simply because they don’t do enough damage anymore. As a result, there are less viable strategies happening. I’m talking about moves such as

Sometimes Throw
(All single target)

Etc etc. More and more I feel like bloodmoves are becoming the only option to maximise efficiency in killing enemy monsters. I wonder if there should be a SMALL damage increase on some of these moves?

I know there should be separation between SE, legends and mythics and I’m not expecting these moves to one shot protected Grovo and monsters like that.

I’m aware that i’m probably biased on this. . Just wondering the community’s thoughts on it?


Hey Lemon i hope this doesn’t come off as arguing.

Survivor your totally right, way to long to charge to be a sweeping move and most of the time it barely kills.

Retribution seems like the most consistent of the bunch, feels like it’s pretty reliable. Look at the god Angelion it kills most of his target even with that weak atk.

Slayerbane, hit or miss really feels like RNG desides if it kills or not, obviously it might not be the case but yeah.

Throw, another move that you need kinda of a setup for, it’s of those things where again its just not a reliable sweeping move.

100 Tu, sacrifices last monster in team. Should deal the same as bloodcrave


Lol no worries bro :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe you’re right about retribution, although it only seems to be Angel and one or two others that are strong enough.

I completely agree about protect killer, Chrono killer etc, but I didn’t want this to turn into an AP thread

I edited that part out. Sorry didn’t want to derail to a AP thread. There’s already so much arguing in those

I’ve analysed the damage dealt by lots of these moves and for the most part it’s by design that they do lower damage on that particular monster that has it rather than the move itself being weak.

To explain clearly:

Survivor - Single survivor is typically given to support monsters like Crimseias. On the monsters where it’s meant to be a more effective sweeping move it’s had the TU reduced to only be 80 or the monster has full attack (Chronotitan), both of which make it very viable. The double survivor monsters do great damage with it (damage modifier is higher) and a monster like Ultimadragon has lower attack so isn’t as effective but that’s because it has DR and bloodthirst… it’s not meant to be centred around the move.

I find the damage to be scaled very nicely to kill most monsters but not some of the tankiest. For example, Stratustrike has a chance to kill Lavaronix but not always.

Retribution - Single retribution had its damage increased because Angelion came out and the move was quite pathetic. 130TU and situational then it didn’t do one-shots effectively even on high attack monsters. It now does incredible damage and there should be no issues here at all.

Double retribution is still a weaker move. However, it’s most well known on the monster Ziberius who doesn’t have high attack and, again, like survivor on high attack monsters it would kill far more things but Ziberius was designed not to do this.

Slayerbane - A 70TU skill that’s not very situational, I think the damage being more than single survivor is very impressive. It’s an efficient move with a range of monsters who have it, the low attack monsters not one-shotting and the high attack monsters do.

Throw - Almost all throw monsters have low attack. The move itself is nearly 1.5x stronger than survivor, it’s as strong as time’s up. Throw monsters are typically designed to be a mixture of damage and support, but there are a few with high attack like Rexkong, Ahuizard and Na’turgoul who easily get kills with the move. In throw teams it’s very easy to have a huge number of rocks. You typically have too many unless you’re thrashing the opponent in which case you may run out of rocks but you’ll probably have the opponent nearly defeated by the time you do. Hence, the fact you need rocks for the moves is not a real restriction other than some monsters have to be part of a throw team to work properly.

Basically, all these moves have their damage scaled to potentially do one-shot damage on high attack monsters and “good damage” on lower attack monsters. I think that’s almost perfect for design as it allows monsters to be specifically tuned rather than moves simply one-shotting no matter what attack the monster has. Please bear in mind I may be slightly wrong about some of the exact damage modifiers above.

I agree that certain monsters should have their stats tweaked or moves changed so they are more effective than they currently are. For example, I would like to see Terragar have its attack increased to 5150 so that both double survivor and throw do far better damage. For Apollorexus/Taloknight they could have a survivor move that increases in power every 100TU that passes, reaching normal survivor damage at 300TU and continuing to increase up to 600TU where it is double strength. I think all changed should be monster-specific, I have no issue with the damage modifiers on the moves.

KD start sending voice notes mate. I’ll listen to it in the car on my way to practice :joy:

I really like how survivor doesn’t have recoil in Evertale, maybe remove the recoil and dial up the damage just a tad in Neo?


That’s a good point. I don’t know why it recoils when it takes so long to charge

It’s to convey the philosophy that NOTHING survives forever !!
Isn’t it @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

Lol I would do if I could!