See your opponents teams

“Players will be able to see opponents teams in battle logs during unranked period”.

Is anyone else absolutely gutted that this will be an option? I hate players who blatantly rip off other people’s teams as it is. I understand that sometimes players have similar ideas and dev made teams basically build themselves :roll_eyes: but I can’t believe it’s been made even easier by this function just to look at an opponents team and copy.

The fact this feature is available in Unranked means absolutely nothing, other than the fact no one is going to want to show their full hand in unranked (even less than before) so it will be even harder to gauge how good your team is.

I assume the feature means the whole enemy team will be shown, unless I’m mistaken? If that’s the case, the only thing which will rescue this is if it’s only active during special rule, but not the rest of unranked.

Have I missed something here? Please express your own opinions below.

Do you like the idea of this feature?

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PS Buff Zhulong


Well depends on mindset for the players , as a player who struggle building mid games for my own team i think this might give me a lot of ideas of what makes a midgame good.
I personally think it is a great idea for players who are learning what makes a team good , synergy stuffs in a top player teams etc etc .

The another reason I think it is good as it helps to avoid confusion of hacked teams for lower player (we did got at least 4 complaints like this in discord in a week ) who usually didn’t keep track of auro , rockoid summon.

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Well players who loves copying they will do anyways , happy for them as well,
Now at least they can copy teams properly.
Altough looking at it from the point of view of you guys (competitive PvP players ) this sure is a bad idea.

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i have run into quite a lot of teams I enjoyed facing, not because they destroyed me, but rather it is a team I haven’t encountered before. that being said, the hell is this supposed to accomplish other than making the dumb players go ape with top teams and completely destroying the meta that no nerf on earth will fix?

It’s not going to save you from these hands

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I guess another reason behind this, is to lessen the burden of the developer support for inexperienced player complains.

They can clearly see now, that the opponent didn’t have two of the same hedgehogs in their team or didn’t have more monsters than usual, but just recreated monsters by Aurodragon or rocks.

So often this ‘cheating’ topics appear and the devs have to manually review the accounts.

It’s more easy for them now.

But it also comes with the disadvantage that anybody can just copy your team (if he got the same monsters) after being beaten by it.

But on the other hand, you can try to see why you lost and optimize your own team.

It might look like a disadvantage for the better players, but newer players can try to understand how to build proper teams and easily analyse why they work. They have the high disadvantage of lacking monster variety anyway.


@LemonSqueezy You should’ve added another option : don’t care + ratio for the losers who copy teams :+1:

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isn’t the reason to see new teams and their strategy for why teams like that exist already done in biweeklies anyway lol



It depends if you just want to win matches with the other team or you want to try something different that could be useful or fun either by taking the monsters or the team for a walk

+ my mom is calling your mom

@LemonSqueezy I agree this new system is rubbish but I am calm because the players reach the highest positions for their decision making more than for their teams

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I like this alot

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I know that copying teams is not healthy for making PvP fun. However, I think this comes with a lot more benefits than negatives. I’ll find this really useful and interesting to properly see what other people are running. I can’t memorise things enough when playing a battle so it’ll give a proper opportunity to see how other people build teams and work out how I lost to someone or how I took advantage of their team.

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Simply just use different teams for ranked and unranked like me. Also i think they will copy other people teams if they have a big collections.

i also think this will help the devs find bugs and cheaters more easily. you can show an ss of the opponent team and point out where the bug was etc.
(also ngl i kinda want people to copy my teams - means I’m not the only person foolish enough to run them XD)

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me: memorizes kingstun’s entire team order during unranked


I hate this featured tbh, I am already faced Lemon team before , and I faced 2 player use same team " from FL to endgame" its started annoying,and this even worse.

If they give access to see opponent team .I Will use musharoo in first half ,and see another proplayer team .

My opinion they should give option ,If u wanna see your opponent team , your opponent can see your team too.
But If you hide it ,you can’t see your opponent team in battle log

Yes I hate too😂

Agree :100:

Just pray Sakura doesn’t sleep you