Please Address This @devs

EDIT: Problem addressed.


This has been the first good reason anyone has put forward about the viewing the opponent’s team feature.

Take him down VKC :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Does the battle log view team feature display if Secret skills are on or off properly?

Yes. At least from what I can tell. Looking at other players in my recents, I can see what mons have ss on vs off.

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Cool, just checking because that would make a big difference


I can confirm it does. Here Sobeking, Malwing and Utopion all have their SS off

one of the reasons why this function seems good to me

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Thank you for reporting. Thank to the latest pvp feature, we have caught and banned all those cheaters.
We also added more checking on pvp, this will not happen again.


Idk why they would hack but still use a crap team :joy:


How can I see that somebody cheats?

I found a few teams suspicious before, also in previous PvPs, like have 6 awakened mythics and no trained and not developed legndaries to fill the team. People usually train their legendaries at least.

Interestingly usually the opponent still lost the match and played with bad mistakes that a player with so many mythics would never make, and by myself I only use one not awakened mythic in my average own team.

But maybe sometimes it’s just my imagination, I don’t want to say anybody is a cheater who actually isn’t.

you would be surprised

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Happy cake day to Dev :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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@Dev_VKC i think that gandalfrog should be a “reptile” type as opposed to a “aquatic” type

Of course you do :joy::roll_eyes:

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My friend Tolkien said he should be angelic :relieved::pray:


Amphibians are closer to reptiles than they are to fishies

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And someone recently got a new monster :wink:

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Congrats for ophidiator @Gary_Dad

LMAO! i almost weote the same thing ngl. :joy:

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