Wish we could view or battle friend's teams.

I wish they would add a feature where we could battle or at the very least see what monsters our friends have on the team they are using.  It would be nice training as well, because I am sure a lot of my friends have some nasty teams.  I am also sure you guys would enjoy that feature as well.

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A lot of people complain about this, but don’t worry, once you play more, it becomes less and less of a problem, because you start getting familiar with all the monsters and what they can do. Also, you may not have noticed, but certain monsters are actually identical to each other, aside from their elements. For example, Beeblitz, Seaviper, Apophisking, Dahargaz, Niloxov, and Volcagarmr all have the exact same stats and moves; poison touch, dual touch, sting, and eater. That’s hardly the only case of like movesets; in fact, monsters with unique movesets are extremely rare. Hopefully knowing that will help you a bit.

You misunderstand, ive played this game since it came out on ios and do not need any help at all. Its about adding more features that have to do with our friends ingame. Btw I know all the move sets haha but my point is it would be nice to have a little more to do with our friends than just picking a chosen monster.

Well one thing you could do is try to contact your friends on the forums or on Facebook. I’ve gotten close to a good bit of people that play this game and we talk pretty much every day. I agree that eventually pvp with our friend list will be cool.

Ya pvp would be cool too, but i guess i should of clarified on that part. There has been a couple games ive played where the A.I. Plays as your friends team. I have real life friends that play this game and we talk about our teams and stuff but it would be nice to just have in the game itself.

Yeah it would be more convenient to see their teams instead of having to ask for screenshots. More in game convenience would be nice as far as community goes too. Switching between the game and the forums gets annoying.