Season 1 - Week 3 BLUE HORNS! Mission Ended.

Online mission egg for everyone
S Rank Subzeratops TOP 10%
GradeBoost x1
Lvl Booster x3

Starting 12/7/13 - 5 PM Eastern Time, 10 PM GMT.

To get started on it immediately after the event is live, please force quit your app and relaunch it. (Please DO NOT DELETE your app).

Here is how: :”

Please Visit the Fair Practice Mission Policy for more details about how the prize is distributed.



Is subzeratops a really good arkadion?

Actually, yes, it is quite good.

Is it starting late or that just me?

Eh, not bad.

…that reminds me, I should go finish the minoblast mission. Lol.

Never mind mis read the date

U dont get a chance to fuse them???

Fuse what?

Nope, it’s just en evolution one this time

I was wondering if its gonna be fully evolved if we get it ? Or would it be first evolution ?

Mwuahaha i love evolutions better than fusions

This does not sound powerful enough to me. I may skip the race this time so that I can remain in the 10% pool next time.

It’s kinda hard when ur in Pool B and U have 1% chance of getting it.

But on the other hand? We only need 1 good mission egg to get it? ( If u dont get it in the online mission )

I’m sure there will be far fewer eggs, though, to compensate. 

U can buy a mission egg in the store:P I dont have to worry about money so im getting this arkadion.

Theres only gonna be one mission egg

Well okay that’s kinda harsh.

Hello, last weekalready 10 PM GMT and this week is 10 PM GMT again? Swap around between 10 pm gmt and like the destructor time zone, so people in asia do have a good chance to get it

Its a saterday , they can stay up for it .

I agree with li0163. Why would I try to win a 9.5 star arkadian with a chain attack, when it will be 10 times harder to win the 12 star later in the season… If you are going to make this missions this way from now on, you need to at least make the seasons shorter. Most of the player base will be new players anyways in 2.5 months. You should at least stop giving 9.5 star arks as prizes, when noone will buy mission eggs to win it anyways. If you had consistent star ratings (or closer to each other, at least 10 star plus), it would incentivize players to work harder to beat the mission / buy mission eggs. However, the biggest thing that needs to be fixed is egg timing. I didnt realize you could do it until today while reading the forums. So I’ve bought about 15 eggs, and got nothing but trash arkadians that I’ve ran into numerous times. Before today, I swore to myself to never buy another egg. Why spend 3 dollars on an egg that I know has a very very low rate for getting something good. It’s worth it for the glitchers to buy eggs, but for the average player that doesn’t know you can time them, its really not worth it whatsoever. The eggs are way overpriced as it is, who would spend 3 dollars for a maybe 5% chance at best to get something worth while. If you want to attract more people to buy eggs, other than dumb 12 year olds using their parents credit cards, then you need to change some things. It’s bad enough that you can’t even patch pyrolynx (or whatever that flame cat’s name is), and that he can take out your entire team without even getting a chance to attack. That alone almost made me stop playing the game… You can’t give away arkadians that can take out an entire team by themselves, and then start giving newer players these trash arkadians that have a chain attack… One positive note on the new changes is giving grade upgrade rewards for the missions, I do actually really like that change.