Season 1 - Week 5: The Dream Hunter: Starts 12/21/2013 (Sat) 5PM EST, 10PM GMT

27 Eggs Given Out To Everyone Who Finishes the Event!!!

S Rank Shadowstalker Top 10%


Starting 12/21/2013 (Sat) 5PM EST, 10PM GMT

To get started on it immediately after the event is live, please force quit your app and relaunch it. (Please  DO NOT DELETE  your app).

Here is how:


Please Visit the Fair Practice Mission Policy for more details about how the prize is distributed.



OMG i can’t wait !!!

Nice :slight_smile:

Yeah finally ! Something worth the trouble :slight_smile:

We gotta complete it dum fast bro! ^

Well 27 mission eggs… I dont know if its a fusion but

Yea it has to be a fusing or there wouldn’t be 27 eggs … I can definitely be wrong

I think its a Fusion because when You Look at Enzyklopädia theres a monster looking like this in a Little Form so this might be a Fusion indegrent :smiley:

It doesn’t have any previous evolutions, so it is a fusion.

Shadowkit isnt her pre evolution ? If not then those her minions to make shadowstalker ?


With how the whole fair gaming of 1% works if you had one already… And the gaming having 1
Million downloads for example does that mean the 1st 10.000 to complete get the reward ?

First 100 people ,10. First 1000 people

That made no sense so 10 out of 1000 so like I said 1million 10 thousand will have
How many downloads we had now anyways ?

They not going by how many people … In general the first 1% are the first 100 people , the first 10% = the first 1000 people

Maby like 50+k people download this game

majority of the 1 million downloads is from dragon island, as that game’s been out for well over a year, hunter island little over a month. While I cant discuss specifics, Im sure you can reverse engineer the numbers. also, the 10% and the 1% comes from people who completed the last mission.  

Cool cheers much appreciated was only asking as I really really want that ark but sadly didn’t tactically plan the last mission and got the moss golem so was wondering what the doss where for this one that’s all :)! But cheers much again

I’m loving it.

Must get this ark if its the last thing i do!!! (Stegospikes ashley) and (pushes tiberius over) every man for himself run!!!

Anyone know the start time for sydney australia?

heheh might rush for this idk :slight_smile:

Sunday 9 am