Rock Lock - My thoughts

Hi guys.

I have now played heavy rock lock for more than 100 games and I can now give a thought about it as a user and as a non user.

My winrate so far is 86% so I lost about 14 games with this setup.

The setup is based on destroying the chances of your opponent to come back by basically locking them.

Few days ago I was happy with the solution of rocks self destroying themselves, but now I realised something, basically playing rock lock has no plan B, so who is building rock lock need:

A FL to lock the opponent.
A Mid game that can sacrifice allies.
An EG that destroys the opponent team.

I still find deeply unfair locking the opponent and after it, calling out Nautipods (Nauticruser) or Yuki (Kuraokami).

I believe those summon need to have a limit because I don’t see possible a comeback after 50+ pods or yukis are summoned.

So my opinion is that people should include backbite and cannibalize in their team maybe at the cost of some firepower, I don’t see necessary playing full S+ teams and then losing to rock lock because you don’t have a counter.

ROCKLOCK ENDGAMES SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BE SELF SUFFICIENT! This leads to BM and matches that can go on for ages.

A big problem is locking the opponent with non tokens, in my opinion Yin, Yang and Mogoong should be considered tokens and able of being cannibalized as tokens.

Lunactia requires a nerf, is way too powerful right now, enemy sub sounds too harsh to be on a 13 cost legendary, sounds better as 1 use SS for a 17 cost mythic.

Midasdragon should lose the golden legacy that gives a goldoid to the opponent, that’s abusable.

Skeleviathan, gravity field and petrifying revenge is a NO NO thing. One or the other, not together.

Hanzo once those other thing will be nerfed should be fine.

Ldiefaeth and Leira should have their summons classifying as token and Yin/Yang need a move to remove self.

That’s it.
Thank you.


I strongly agree with most of your suggestions with a skeleviathan nerf being my highest priority. Simply put, skeleviathan is the crux of most rock lock teams because it sets up the early game and guarantees the win against a large majority of teams players use. It’s also really f***ing annoying so it should be nerfed :duck:

I also agree with nerfing/fixing lunactia and midasdragon. Lunactia shouldn’t be able to use enemy substitute if there’s already an enemy rockoid on the field. Cramming three rockoids into the enemy team is essentially an automatic win for any competent rock lock user so restricting lunactia to only being able to maintain a soft rock lock should fix it. I don’t have much to say about midasdragon. It’s simply a dumb interaction that shouldn’t exist.

I think classifying yin, yang, and moogong as tokens should be a good enough nerf to start with and see if it’s enough. Making yin and yang able to remove themselves would be an incredibly harsh nerf to ldiefaeth, although I’m certainly open to implementing it if it remains an issue.

I’m a little bit against nerfing nauticruiser and kuraokami. Both of them are nothing like what unnerfed harleking used to be, and they’re really only an issue when rock lock is being used. I think that just like hanzowolf, these two will stop being an issue if enough of the other rock lock tools are nerfed.

One last thing I’d like to add is that it’s quite difficult to build teams that adequately counter rock lock without significantly lowering your winrate. My current team wins against the majority of rock lock teams but still loses to the stronger ones like yours, which was a pain in the ■■■ to build even with my rather large collection.


You gotta sacrifice some fire power, rock lock often lose to below average teams.

You can’t expect to have an S+ team and not having an hard counter.

The choice is having an high win rate team or having a team that deals with basically everything?

I don’t have lunactía but I’ve noticed it’s also super tanky-very hard to one shot which makes it even more effective

Penalizing leira seems too much imo.

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This is old news and why rock lock doesn’t need a nerf.

There are so many counters to rock lock now, just use them and you’ll be fine. You wouldn’t run a team without stun protection would you?

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tell me about harleking without nerf how was it different from now

I agree with everything you said. skeleviathan indeed deserves a nerf as you said the fact that he has the gravity field and the petrifying revenge makes him extremely problematic.
on the other hand nerf lunactiqua does not seem to be a good thing it would become very weak and when I face it I arrive at the country easily a fortiori experienced players

for skeleviathan the best would be to reduce its speed to 23 it would be less oppressive that way

ehh lunactia nerf would make her still strong, what are you talking about? assassinate and single target low TU slayerbane with excessive force and also able to combo with entrance units? her rock lock ability will just be a balanced move instead.

Can we also realize most of the problem here is token generaters? We also need a nerf to Rhinoel. I’m mentioning him since no one has here. This isn’t just a rocklock problem, this is controlling the opponents team with tokens. Normally, this would not be a problem but since the devs will not stop releasing low TU (60 or lower) moves that deal critical damage, then we need to address control units that make it 2vs4/3vs4. We all hated stun back in the day for this exact reason but we should be okay with 2022 version of stun which token control?

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Maybe we already have 4-5 “thread” about rocklock since 2021 (If I am remember) . I don’t get the reason why Dev really try to protect this formation

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Thank you for the feedbacks.
We will make some adjustments in the next update regarding rocklock and nauticruiser spamming strategy that mentioned in another thread.



No nerf lunactica

as a Lunactia user i agree with the sentiment but have to agree she needs it. however DONT BREAK HER.

Not allowing enemy substitute to be used while there is a rockoid on the field is enough. anything else is overkill @Dev_VKC

Remove ALL active and passive moves from Lunactia


Lunactia needs a complete rework Imo, you need to be fair she is as good as an awoken mythic.

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Stun lock is basically the same it offers very low chance for a comeback, and its give an awefull experience, and anything like this shouldnt be possible


Nauticruiser already got his nerf :sleepy:

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