Let's talk about rock lock

It has become quite common to use rock-lock in pvp, which in my opinion is quite annoying and difficult to eliminate, I am also sure that in the future many players will be using this type of tactics, that’s why I bring you this idea of ​​DMG Daniel

•RAW is just affected be epic protectors or higher. Rock-lock dies instantly.

What do you think?

Let me know

In addition to the new lion, it is difficult for other teams to resist rock lock, or form a specific team. Rock lock is the most broken setting at present

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One of the ideas I thought were cool is:

make the Rockoids summoned in the enemy’s team have their stats maxed.
Then, give them a move called “Rock Fusion” (50sec) that instantly kills a friendly Rockoid to boost their own ATK/DEF by 200% (can stack up to 1000%)


I agree with you, rock lock just wastes a lot of time makes the game feel boring, moreover the formation counter is inefficient, opponent is smarter to get rid of before he clears the stones in the team, so smart I won’t be able to fight if 3 rock is in the field


you are right, think that it would not be easy to get rid of them, that’s why I think we need something that doesn’t make them op

I like the idea, imagine you can boost them even more with sterockoid🤣

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As a new tactic,rock lock should be retained,have same position with other tactic teams.

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This is why they will nerf it.

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Yeah but the majority of people here (even rocklock users) wouldn’t mind if it was toned down a bit.

We don’t want to make it unviable, just a bit less oppressive.

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think that you can not stop them, only let yourself be done by the will of your opponent, then that does not compare to many other strategies

I agree with this, it is definitely a broken and very annoying tactic, it is almost impossible to get rid of a rock lock, when the enemy puts three rocks in your field, you are already lost,No matter how many reinforcements you have left, it is impossible to recover, I do not know what they can do sincerely I have no idea but need the Nerf


I think the stone lock formation is indeed broken but using it is quite difficult and requires some raw skills/focus but due to the arrival of the lunactia it becomes very broken it is too easy to put stones on the playing field

This fundamentally goes against what raw monsters are meant to be like… monsters with a more aggressive move that are easier to kill (originally it was lower TU, now it’s the fact they bypass protectors). Taunt monsters get around this already, but they have a much lower chance of protecting and there’s literally only one auto-taunt in the game so the rest have to give up time to protect teammates.

It would be way too easy to run the special rocks with raw monsters and get way too much benefit. We want to push protectors out of the meta as much as possible because they’re inherently powerful. This change would bring them back in en masse!

The idea of rock lock is to create a rock for you, so that your raw will not work, so that they can slowly erode your team through unconditional cross shield.

The problem we need to solve is that how to break rock lock, all derivatives have suicide skills, but the rock does not

I will build a strong rock team in future.I found everytime a new tactic developed,people always complain rather than expand.

Rock lock needs some specific monsters to work , isnt that easy to play and its one strategy able to compete with top rank mythic spam
GF its the main problem of rock lock and needs to be tone down a bit
Im not saying rock lock strategy doesnt need a nerf in the future wich he needs but i dont want that strategy nerfed to the ground , its about time to buff stealth strategy and tweak sneak atack but stil nothing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I want to see stealth strategy get buffed like mark strategy was

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Rock lock should be looked at for sure. It’s not an enjoyable strategy to face. The very first incarnation of Rock Lock was this

It was a novelty and not many had the tools. Since then, it’s grown in popularity and become far more accessible.

I will be sad to see one of my favourite creations die, but if it’s necessary for the enjoyment of the game. I’m all up for more counters and / or nerfs in anyway shape or form.


Run The Rockoid and buff them! :wink:

You know I have an extremely incomplete rock lock team

The biggest problem with rock lock is that when you see the lineup, you already know the win or lose of the game, which is boring