Robinator and ultimate challenge.

so the next ultimate challenge feature a super epic w/t bloodfury and a move to bypass protection. He seems very powerful.


Very interesting indeed

I’m skipping it atra abuse will rule again and every person has it lol but me :sob:

you don’t want the new monsters ?

Don’t matter much I might try to get it but that’s it
Staying in top 100 with 400000 score will be near immposibe

I won’t use atra and nebel way to boring. I’m going to go to 100 with some sleep and then stop. I don’t understand why they keep putting a broken event.

Again the ultimate challenge… Why not host a tower tournament? Been a while and as i can recall its more fun.

This one is basically 4 to 5 matches for me and its done :’)

The devs did it to probs boost sales for atra in egg wheel

What does atra do?

Bring out ultimate challenge every player will drop 500 or more

Break the game and make winning the ultimate challenge take no effort at all or anything

Well atra is going to dominate the ultimate challenge (unlucky me)…i’ll probably not bother anymore. The godfeather technique only gets you to around floor 200000 before you can’t use it anymore. Well sleep is always a good option…

I think robinator would be a worthwhile monster…

I got to like 460 last time without using atra/nebel as I don’t have nebel. Took a long long time to manage to get there

Surly an easy fix is just to cap Nebel to a limit of 5 duplicates. Not only does it seem fair but they did it with give turn.

They used my skill idea!!! Yay!! I suggested a move / passive which lets it bypass protect, it was literally called bypass :laughing:

No idea how it works is it just with Nebel creating death revenge?

Did I not read you say they weren’t happy with how the last one went? Are they not changing anything?

Haha awesome dude! Looks like a pretty sweet skill and will def. turn tables if user has protectors.

And because of bloodfury, he will be used a lot. So protectors just got a bit more useless. Especially because he deals ‘lethal damage’ to the protector and the monster you are protecting.

Well you never know. Maybe the bypass move has a TU of 250… In that case pulling bloodfury off will be a lot harder than you’d think…

Either that, or the new monster will have very low defense.