Ultimate Challenge Jan 2021

Stay away from me, kd. :crazy_face:



You’re safe for 4 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to know how long it took you to gather those gems :eyes::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn: @Killerdog

The time it took Laxus to catch up with me on the UC leaderboard :wink:


What type of team and monster u r using

This is the team I’ve been using since July 2020 or so. I’m still using the exact same one today but Blazebones isn’t performing as well with the overwatch TU increase so I might swap him out.

General idea is…

Aurodragon with a bunch of death/mirror revenge protectors at the start and positioned in a way that I can often make the opponent’s Aurodragon hit a payback revenge (Musashoid or Tortogeist).

After all the protectors I have the Bovolcus + Atrahasis combo (deathmatch mode then swift cannibalise Bovo, killing all enemies with the poison revenge and avoiding triggering their revenges). Having Atra here after the protectors means I can quite often necromancy my Aurodragon or the opponent’s which I stole using Tortogeist (after a few teammates die the AI focuses on killing your Aurodragon, that’s actually why I’ve got a focus on protectors so they keep killing those and I get more value).

I’ve then got Blazebones for revolutionise and going into Shivadragon with hold ground monsters. The back is sleep lock + death sentence. Shivadragon tries to make it more reliable with the hp share and purify. If all went well at the start I have protectors coming in behind Wraithcaptain so that also keeps the sleep lock monsters alive.

It’s very rare any team can beat this as long as I play it carefully. Even horrific poison teams aren’t too bad because I have a bunch of mirror revenge so no matter what I face I can usually get good monsters to fight with. The downside is that battles can be very long because if the enemy has mirror revenge too the beginning of the battle carries on for ages as I slowly accrue more monsters at the back of my team. Also, playing carefully extends things and I need to in order to get things lining up correctly.


Sed i can’t copy it :disappointed_relieved:


I used to have a gear+gtail team with a bunch of stunners and i was allways able to reach 1500+ on Uc now its just impossíble :face_with_head_bandage: sooooo many DR monsters even a damn rock has it now + poison gas​:face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage:
My team now its all DR/PR i have with tenebris +atra+auro :sneezing_face::sneezing_face::sneezing_face::sneezing_face: probably not fun to face

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I use nova Drake against buffed enemies and it still one shots every thing at less than 40 sec I am currently at 540.
I use pass curse for opponents and that summons like 6 bronzeshell in opponent then I have frost moroz to clear my bronzeshell and then at mid game when there is nova Drake I use to get at least 6-7 kills and then it starts one shot every thing with stun lock going on with stun mortar guy .
P.s the new ss give him 25% more damage having a purifier along with nova Drake is enough to trigger it’s secret skill.
My Frontline consist of curseguy and shokid and then with my dolphariel and angelion I use to get some enemy monster to have fun with and win
At last I hate u guys almost everyone in uc run like 6-7 DRs combined with an auro it’s really tough to face it.


:stuck_out_tongue:Well, I slept too long and missed two tickets.good luck. kd. 冲冲冲

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Uc level 600 gk no auro


I don’t have Aurodragon I usually go around 1100+ with Atra and DRs


I don’t even have any mon which brings the enemy or enough drs( having only 4 ).;-;

My new team. Very interesting. I am testing it. :crazy_face:


I am soo happy i never reached level 300+ in uc i was trying so hard but failed don’t have any death revenge legendary monster but purpie is op

Winterwing helped at the end. That spider mythic is because of mirror revenge trigger she helped giving the final shot to snake mythic.


I have a similar team

test new team

Your team has been fun to fight against! It’s nice to see some of the new monsters in it.

I’m going to replace Blazebones in my team… it’s not doing enough. I can’t test while the event is going on but I want to try either Christine, Tyrfina or Asmodia for their instant kill attacks. Asmodia feels like the biggest payoff but might be risky and will die easily, Tyrfina might fit in well but could get caught on protectors and Christine is the safe choice but might stay alive when I need it to die because I’ve used the two moves.

The have ruined Rocolo as well
Removing TU reduction from non damaging Raw move was a bad idea

The fun of my game now lies in creating a team that can both play activities and create difficulties for opponents to prevent them from advancing. :crazy_face: