So, Robinator!

After receiving him I couldn’t wait for him to be ultra evolved and if you’re wondering if you need to evolve him, here are is stats, skills and what not. I think he’s insane and will definitely join any of my teams, I’ll probably get him to +9 also. What do you guys think?

I ultra-evolved him too and he looks extremely good, especially in PvP. Very fast, with Bloodfury, and after testing it I’d say Assassinate gets OHKOs against a protector in PvP. Seems also a great addition to Poison teams.

When it comes down to aegis, with 93 percent speed Robinator has definitely the potential to be the kingslayer :smiley:

I dub him death chicken

Death chicken is much better :smiley: Officially his name from now on :smiley:

Lol I like him. So far the poison touch is nice

Seems abit OP I think for a super epic. A better faster version of rexo that will wreck protectors and set a poison team up

Yeah, he has a good skill set for a legendary, and 93 speed wtf xD also I don’t see the need for the poison touch/revenge… He would have been fair even withouth… Poison line ups are getting some very strong monsters

Edit: whoops didn’t mean to swear, I was just expressing my surprise

hold ground monsters

Yes I get that, what I meant is that he didn’t need poison to be strong… Now he’s a safe pick in a poison line up, even if the enemy doesn’t have a protector… Versatility is what makes him really strong

I think that’s why they added a new water version lavaronix to make more ppl go in assistwater team, robinator has such low hp that assistwater aoe can one shot it

I’m pretty sure he’s also faster than Oniblade. This will cause problems for people with the super strong aegis blade line up.

Easy kill protector, wtf

can he one shot oniblade to hg?

I hope so lol xD but seriously… What’s the hp and defense stats of oni?

hp3682 def3385

He’s not able to one hit anything if there is no protector though.

That’s where his weakness is. This monster is meant to counter the aegis dragon opener. Many people said this monster to be on a different level compared to everything else.

Now a counter has popped up. So the developers have listened.

Hmm I’m gonna guess he does bring him to HG… But it’s just my guess… He’s very squishy, even more than rexo statwise

Well, yeah, people are gonna think twice about aegis opener, but many already took him out of the frontline, including me, because of shadowyrm being a popular opener… Still, even without a protector in the frontline he can set up some poison with his passive, so he’s not like a waste of a spot anyway

Little bit surprised though he got bloodfury and not bloodcrave, pretending there is a protector he is able set up his bloodfury with one turn. If you you protect him wisely, he could be cruising through enemy teams and wont take any damage from reflecting. Not sure if any other superepic is able to do that.

All of the death sentence SE have bloodthirst