return to game

Several months ago I stopped playing Neo Monster, there was a major change since I left it more or less 7 or 8 months ago

Welcome back to the game.

Lots of things have changed, HP boost ores can be collected daily, there is super epic bond now, there was even a new PvE event that unfortunately not many people liked where you had to build a team in the view the AI that the AI can play it efficiently. New nice monsters like always. There are also a few misbalances in the game, but I’m sure the devs will fix that sooner or later. Catchable Manti can now be evolved to a strong legendary. A new 20 ticket shop mythic. Many other changes, but I cannot remember them.

Glad to see good people returning after a break.

Take care.

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You can have a look at any changes here: KD's Version update history - #11

Did we really trade @ItsSherlock for @Cristian_Escalante :man_facepalming:

Is it too late to veto this trade


I do not understand what are you talking about

He’s just talking rubbish as usual.

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@Cristian_Escalante in case you didn’t remember him from before, @Exu is the mod who isn’t good at neo, that’s kindof his thing amongst the other mods

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And you’re the only person who seems to care about that :upside_down_face:

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i think this is the start of a beautiful new romance.

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And me

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Gary and @iCarly : 2

@Exu : 0