Rare Gem - Roll it?

I got enough 5 rare gems to roll a SE & Legend egg. Are Limited Time Legends included on these eggs sometimes? So, it worths to wait to roll it.

Roll it. There aren’t limiteds on the rare egg wheel.

Great… a Dup SE… you owe my a legend Zard! (Joke)

I got no legendary either. Feel a bit ripped off tbh considering how long it takes to get those. And I wasn’t even using the ones I got from 10 in 1s. I only have one of those. I used the 100 day lot.

It’s normal , it’s 2/9 for me

why do you feel ripped off? the odds to get a super epics are much higher than a legendary so always open them expecting a super epic as you are more likely to get one

feel for you man,40% chance,should be at least 50%

i had a good luck with rare eggs 3 legs from last 4

4/8 for me. Not bad :stuck_out_tongue:

40% is actually a really good percentage for a legend

But a 50/50 chance isn’t much higher as well
Also rare gems areuch harder to find and to get so they need to be special

you lucky bas****  :o  :o

3/15 for me and one of them was a flarevern dupe which already was at +9 so it’s 2/15 + 1 legendary potion^^

How do you get that much rare gems?

either money on 10 in 1s or lots of the events have been giving out 2 or 3 rare gems aswell

PvP always 60wins, get them also from all events but UC and DC that handed out rare gems and about 8 from 10in1 eggs

Thank you but I can talk for myself. I’m F2P.

2/5 for me

Well… from the 3 or 4 I’ve rolled… only one legend I think…

4/11 for me. Got nothing from my last one.

Rolled just one (the 100days one) and got a legendary (galliodragon).